15 Best Medical Aid Schemes in SA that Offer Hospital Plans

    To avoid going to a state hospital where you’re likely to die because of the inferior conditions, South Africans are rather paying up to have a hospital plan from one of the best medical aid schemes in South Africa.

    They do a lot of research to find the best medical aid schemes for their needs. Let’s look at which registered medical aid schemes in South Africa are the best.

    Best Medical Aid Schemes Offering Hospital Plans

    1.  Fedhealth. This medical aid is well established. They were registered in 1969. They have about 150,000 members. They’ve got a high Global Credit Rating – AA-. They allow members to upgrade their option when their health status changes. Dependents stay at child rates till the age of 27.
    2.  Bonitas Medical Aid. Their current membership sits at about 250 000 principal members and 600 000 lives. They have a diverse product range. They have a Global Credit Rating of AA-as well as a reserve ratio in excess of 40%.
    3.  Momentum Health. They offer free preventative care benefits under their Health Platform Benefit. You can access emergency numbers and claims statements and more through your mobile device. They offer Multiply, their wellness and rewards programme.
    4. Medihelp. They have about 216 000 members. They are one of the larger schemes in South Africa. One feature is that you only pay for two children on the Dimension Prime range. Benefits are pro-rated and a member can change their plan without medical underwriting.
    5.  Discovery Health. A giant among the best medical aid schemes. It has more than 2.6 million members who rely on the many benefits and features. It has a huge  plan range. It gets a high credit rating (AA+) because of their ability to pay claims. Discovery claims that their health plan contributions are as much as 14% lower than those of other medical schemes in South Africa. They’ve got their famous science-based wellness programme that offers fantastic rewards if you become healthier.
    6. Selfmed. they were established in 1965. They pride themselves on being a sincere, no-frills medical aid, offering a simplistic range of products. They run their only admin and call centre known as their Excellence Centre. They are a registered, medium sized, open medical aid scheme. They are one of the few medical aids to join the Ethics Institute of South Africa.
    7.  Topmed. They were founded more than 40 years ago. They offer a wide range of affordable  healthcare options. They boast with financial stability and efficient administration. A one-stop medical scheme for companies looking for varied cover.
    8.  Profmed. A restricted medical aid scheme. It is available for professionals who a minimum of a 4-year degree or equivalent. It offers exclusive yet affordable medical cover.
    9.  GEMS. Registered in 2005 for Government employees. As a restricted medical scheme, they offer 5 healthcare benefit options with the aim of providing the best possible health care at affordable rates.
    10. Spectramed. A Next Generation medical scheme. They offer a generous variety of health care plans and have plenty of experience seeing that they started out in 1957. They have a strong solvency ratio.Best Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa
    11.  Genesis. A leading medical aids offering exceptional benefits at affordable prices. Some of their benefit options have been awarded for being best value for money in the open medical scheme market. They have also been voted as one of the most successful schemes in South Africa. Good claims ratio for their affordable hospital plans to their comprehensive medical aid cover.
    12.  Medshield. They’ve been operating since 968. They are the 4th largest medical scheme with more than 110 000 principal members, and 250 000 lives. They have a Global Credit Rating of AA. They provide a range of options with benefits which are pro-rated according to the time of year you joined.
    13. Resolution Health. Registered in 1998, they cover about 42,000 lives covered. They have a global credit rating of  A-, for claims paying ability. Their products include a hospital plan. Benefits are pro-rated.
    14. Keyhealth. KeyHealth delivers products free of those ‘useless’ frivolous add-ons and so-called fringe benefits. They tell their members that they are a pure Medical Aid and what you see is what you get.
    15. Netcare Medical Scheme. Established in 1999 they are a restricted medical scheme providing excellent health care benefits to Netcare employees and their families. The scheme is regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes.

    South Africa offers a wide variety of registered medical aid schemes that offer hospital plans. Its up to you to  find the best medical aid schemes and find out how each one works and the benefits that go with each one. Then select according to your health care needs.

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