Hospital Plans South Africa

    August 25, 2014

    Looking for hospital plans South Africa? Your concern for proper in-hospital cover is fairly common. One can’t help but notice all sorts of companies popping up with “quick and easy” solutions. Some are offering fixed payments for every day you are in hospital. Others offer specific amounts per diagnosis or procedure. It’s important to remember that these types of hospital plans South Africa offers are more like a top-up plan and not a medical aid.

    Top-up plans or comprehensive health insurance?

    The hospital plans (top-up plans) from the life insurance companies and other, most certainly have their place in today’s society. However, if you expect to be covered financially when going to a private hospital it is far more important to have a proper medical aid.

    Hospital Plans South AfricaPrivate health insurance doesn’t pay specifics when in hospital. Rather, they pay what is due, or pay until your annual limit is exhausted (if you have one). Your additional cover often comes in handy when the medical aid hasn’t covered all the costs. It’s important to make sure you know exactly what your medical aid hospital plan covers.

    What are the best hospital plans South Africa offers?

    This is normally the next question, which is really dependant on what you expect to be covered on.

    There are so many options for the hospital plans South Africa offer, that it’s recommended that you do a health insurance comparison. Let’s get you started off with a few basic options for hospital plans in South Africa:

    Bonitas hospital plan

    Bonitas has two main plans available. BonCap has an adjustable premium according to the member’s income earned per month. It also gives you a limited amount of benefits outside of hospital. But this plan does limit you to the use of network hospitals.

    BonEssential doesn’t include any additional benefits, but guarantees unlimited cover in any private hospital you want. The premium for BonEssential is higher and not negotiable.

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    Discovery hospital plan

    Discovery offers an option called KeyCare where the premium also adjusts according to the member’s income. If you earn a salary below a certain amount, you can have access to 3 very good plans. The “plus” and “access” plans have some added out of hospital benefits. The “core” will still cover you unlimitedly within a network hospital. For everyone else, they have more comprehensive options that will also cover you in the same way. But these do add on savings options – much like some of the other hospital plans South Africa has.

    Fedhealth hospital plan

    When it comes to the hospital plans South Africa offers, Fedhealth are known for solid medical support. Let’s start with the Maxima Entry Zone. This plan provides unlimited private hospital cover within the network and includes an emergency cover called “risk”.

    The next level up to Maxima Core lets you go to any hospital. It also includes scans and other unique benefits. The next few options to be discussed start including external benefits.

    Medihelp hospital plan

    Similar to Bonitas and others, Medihelp have a lower plan with adjustable premiums according to the member’s income. The Necesse plan has unlimited cover with providers where they have agreed to contracted scheme costs. Up from there for everyone else is Dimension Prime 1, which provides good cover within private hospitals.

    Momentum Health is a little different, offering an annual limit compared to all of the above. However, they are similar in most other aspects to the hospital plans in South Africa

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