The Two Hospital Plans from Genesis

    February 26, 2016

    Many people in South Africa have no choice but to choose a hospital plan, simply because the comprehensive medical plans have become beyond their means. You need to understand that hospital plans differ and that it doesn’t automatically mean your hospital expenses are covered completely. But Genesis hospital plans are as close to being a good medical aid as any in the land.

    Hospital plans have their own specific regulations around cancer treatment for instance, ambulance and emergency services, dental surgery and others. It is important therefore that you know and understand everything you get with your choice of hospital plan because you don’t want to discover that halfway through life-giving treatments, your benefits have come to an end.

    Some medical aid schemes may well provide lower hospital plan premiums, but then you’re going to get lower limits and possibly insufficient cover. Let’s look at the two hospital plan option from Genesis.

    Genesis Hospital Plans are from a Trusted No-Frills Source

    GenesisFor starters, Genesis has been operating since 1995, and they are one of South Africa’s leading medical aids in South Africa, offering real value for money in the open medical scheme market. They have also been rated as one of the most successful schemes as measured by their claims ratio and their ability to pay claims.

    People aren’t looking for hospital plans and medical aids with a whole lot of useless frills added in. Genesis offers no-frills and easy-to-understand benefit options, and this suits people who don’t have money to waste. Another reason Genesis is so sought after is that you’ll discover they are about 31% cheaper than similar options offered by the other open medical schemes, and that’s worth considering.

    Genesis Believe in Affordability

    Genesis’ entry-level hospital plan, which is known as Private Choice, is a popular choice for South Africans who have to count their pennies carefully. Genesis offer two hospital plans – their Private Choice and Genesis Private.

    With Private Choice you can take your pick between any state or private hospital with total amount paid. The Genesis Private allows you more benefits but this is because you’re paying more.

    The Private Choice option, in the region of R900 per month is the choice for those with limited disposable income, and that is most South Africans. For anyone wanting a good hospital plan with additional benefits thrown in, this is it.

    The Private Choice Hospital Plan covers –

    • evacuations in emergency situations
    •  limited in-hospital coverage for specified major diseases
    • cover for 25 chronic conditions
    • benefits for basic dentistry

    Genesis Hospital Plans are also sought after because they offer generous dentistry benefits, including R25 000 for each beneficiary for the year. Basic dentistry benefits are covered from members’ risk benefits.

    Be Prepared

    Nobody knows for sure what tomorrow can bring. You can be maimed for life when somebody drives through a red robot. A stint in hospital plus rehabilitation costs can make it that you will never again be able to afford even simple luxuries like a piece of biltong or a bunch of juicy grapes – you just won’t have the money to afford them.

    By taking a good look at Genesis hospital plans, you don’t have to go about each day in fear. Without an affordable hospital plan, you may well be wondering where you’ll land up with a life threatening injury, and when you’re discharged, you won’t be going home as your house will have been sold to cover costs. If there’s space in the derelict trailer park, you can count yourself lucky if someone allows you to share their tent.

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