Hospital Plans in South Africa

    August 17, 2018

    Affordable hospital plans in South Africa help you cope with the costs of becoming sick or sustaining injury. The main benefit of having hospital plans in South Africa is that if you land in hospital due to unforeseen circumstances such an accident or sudden illness, a hospital plan covers the cost of medical treatment and hospitalisation. You will get cover from medical aids in South Africa. And the exorbitant cost of medical treatment won’t financially cripple you.

    Hospital Plans in South Africa

    Most medical aid schemes in South Africa offer both hospital plans and comprehensive medical cover. The difference is that comprehensive cover offers more benefits at a far greater expense. Hospital Plans in South AfricaSo hospital plans in South Africa are ideal if you have a limited budget but wish to have cover in case of an emergency.

    Cheapest Hospital Plan in South Africa

    If you’re looking for the best hospital plan in South Africa, and aren’t sure which the best medical aid in South Africa is, here’s an overview.

    Discovery Health Medical Aid

    Discovery medical scheme offers a good range of medical aid plans. Their hospital plan South Africa lets your enjoy full hospital protection without having to pay too much. The plans under the scheme’s umbrella include KeyCare Core and the Core series.

    FedHealth Medical Scheme

    Fedhealth has offered hospital plans in South Africa for very long time. There are 2 different memberships: Maxima and the Ultima Series. The hospital plans fall under the Maxima Series and include the EntryZone and Core options.


    Bonitas offers the Bon Essential hospital plan which falls amongst some of the cheapest medical aid in South Africa. The plan covers major medical benefits, out of hospital features and chronic medication.

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    Resolution Health

    Resolution Health is a “fourth generation” scheme in South Africa. They have a good reputation and offer a good variety of medical plans. The hospital plan is perfect if you’re just looking for hospital cover. It’s perfect for young, healthy members and offers numerous hospital-related benefits.

    Momentum Health

    Momentum is one of the oldest medical schemes in South Africa. The scheme doesn’t offer a big range of membership types but memberships can be customised to suit your needs and budget.

    The benefits of joining one of the hospital plans in South Africa can’t be understated. There are plans out there to suit your budget and medical aid requirements. In case of an emergency such as an accident or falling seriously ill or even requiring an emergency operation, would you want to end up at one of the country’s state hospitals or a private hospital where you know all your expenses will be covered and the time spent in hospital won’t completely break the bank?


    If you’re on a tight budget or view medical aid as a grudge-spend, consider a basic hospital plan that will cover your stay in hospital, often it will also cover medical transport, x-rays and all treatment and medication required while you’re in hospital.

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