Resolution Health Hospital Plan Options

    June 14, 2019

    Founded as Commercial Union Health, Resolution Health registered as a Medical Health Scheme in 1998, with just 192 Members.

    This medical scheme is proud to have grown into what it callsĀ  a formidable medical scheme, with over 60 000 principal members, plus all their dependants, since then. Claiming to constantly be expanding and diversifying, Resolution Health has launched a number of new products to be considered.

    What’s on offer at Resolution Health?

    Resolution Health states their concept of health care is as that of a life cycle of an oak tree. Resolution Health Happy FamilyTheir most basic package, the Resolution Hospital Plan, is likened to the leaf and offers cover and protection. The acorn represents beginnings,and is the symbol for their Fundamental Plan. The Progressive Plan, symbolised by the branch, represents development and growth. The Prestige Plan, symbolised by the tree, offers fully comprehensive coverage.

    Each plan has different values of benefits depending on what the client’s requirements and affordability is.

    Why choose Res Health?

    Resolution Health works in conjunction with a number of healthcare network providers, which, they say, allows them to offer affordable, quality healthcare to people in every financial situation.Resolution Health

    For people planning a family, this medical schemes offer a Resobaby package, which contains advice and education with regards to pregnancy and newborn care as well as a baby goods package which, they say, contains useful goodies and discount vouchers among other things.

    Take a Look

    If you think some of these healthcare options might suit your requirements and your affordability, take a closer look and see if Resolution Health is for you. Start by completing the form on this page to get FREE hospital plan quotes online.


    All info was correct at time of publishing