Medihelp Hospital Plans for 2016

    May 11, 2016

    There is so much dissatisfaction with medical aids today. It is imperative to do research to find a reputable one. Medihelp hospital plans are a good, affordable way to go.

    There are two choices when it comes to medical cover. These are medical aid schemes and the hospital plan. Hospital plans are a lot cheaper than medical aid. It cover the cost of a stint in hospital. It pays out a fixed amount each day you are in hospital.

    Medihelp is one of South Africa’s largest open medical aid scheme. They offer medical aid cover to more than 200 000 South Africans. Medihelp has more than 100 years’ experience in the medical schemes industry. Their head office is in Pretoria.

    Medihelp Hospital Plans

    Dimension Prime 1

    From R1 134 per month – this plan has 2 options – the standard, and the network option. When you choose the network option, you always pay less. You pay up to 22% less You”ve got the choice of more than 100 private hospitals and specialists.

    Medihelp Hospital PlansDimension Prime 1 is a hospital plan for the healthy. This plan gives them additional preventive care and day-to-day benefits. Save more when choosing the network version of the option comprising of more than 100 private hospitals across the country.

    This hospital plan offers an affordable solution to the healthy who want good hospital cover.
    Monthly contribution of Principal Member is R1 134. A dependant is R924 and a child dependant will be R342.

    Members with this hospital plan will be hospitalised in a network hospital. This is to avoid the 35% co-payment. Medihelp’s website lists these network hospitals.

    • Members have access to insured preventive care and pooled day-to-day benefits
    • Preventative Care Benefits
    • Pregnancy and baby benefits – 12 pregnancy consultations per family per year
    • Two consultations for babies plus immunisation for children
    • Back Treatment Programme – 1 Document-Based Care treatment programme per beneficiary for each year
    • Healthprint Wellness Programme – online wellness programme where you can view and share health information and much more
    • Core Benefits
    • Internally Implanted Prostheses
    • Day to Day Benefits
    • Deductibles

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    Other Medihelp Hospital Plans

    Dimension Prime 2 is cover that includes a hospital plan. Premiums start at R1 500 per month. By choosing the network option, you get a discounted price of up to 22% less.

    Unify is great for anyone who is young and healthy. This hospital plan has a savings account that allows control over day-to-day medical expenses.

    Necesse is a basic medical aid hospital plan. It starts at R396 per month. It is geared towards students. It offers full hospitalisation cover. It also offers day to day benefits provided by the  specific network of health care professionals.

    Buy Health Protection

    You can’t buy good health, but you can certainly buy protection for your health. An affordable hospital plan is far superior to no medical aid at all.

    South Africa has many hospital plan providers. Medihelp, with their more than 100 years’ experience in the medical scheme industry, offers  hospital plans and other top-notch products and services that are worth your consideration.

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