Finding an Affordable Hospital Plan

    August 18, 2014

    The search for an affordable hospital plan doesn’t have to be a daunting one. If you stop and list the important things that you want a hospital plan to cover, then you will have a good place to start.

    Some questions to think about when looking for an affordable hospital plan

    –          How much financial cover would you require per annum?

    –          Do you want to be able to go to any hospital you want?

    –          Will you be happy to stick to the group selected hospitals?

    –          Are you able to afford any excess payments that are not paid by the medical aid?

    –          Do you require more than just a hospital plan – i.e. Out of hospital benefits?

    Affordable Hospital Plan

    Yes there are affordable hospital plans South Africa

    Private health insurance has in the past had a reputation for only catering for the rich. It’s the lower-income earners that are left wondering if they will ever find an affordable hospital plan. Don’t be scared. There are now some good options for hospital plans available. In fact, it’s now the lower-income earners that are getting the best hospital plans in South Africa.

    If you take a quick look at a plan like the Bonitas hospital plan, you will see that they have two clear options – BonCap and BonEssential. BonCap is targeted at the lower income earners by lowering the overall monthly plan costs according to the client’s income. They have a wonderful selection of benefits including some out-of-hospital cover and very affordable rates. BonCap is clearly a good option to add to the affordable hospital plan list.

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    Taking a closer look at Discovery Health

    Discovery developed a reputation while in competition with other exclusive medical aids. That reputation appeared that they were only for the well-to-do who deserved only the best. The good news is that Discovery Health hospital plan is now available for the middle and lower-income earners as well.

    In their KeyCare Series, they have a breakdown of the packages according to income. The lower income earners pay a very small sum per month if the main member is earning a low salary. They get the same benefits as each of the others within that plan. The scale increases as the monthly income increases. Definitely another option for the affordable hospital plan list!

    It is generally accepted that if you take one of these income focused packages that you will need to go to the hospitals selected by the plan. Network hospitals are not necessarily worse than another hospital. They are just willing to charge more affordable rates so that the medical aids can afford to offer the lower income earners options as well. So check out the Discovery hospital plan when you get a chance.

    So you see, affordable hospital plans are available. If you need some assistance, complete the form on your right and we can assist you in finding that affordable hospital plan.

    Get hospital plan quotes by completing and submitting the form above this article

    All info was correct at time of publishing