Hospital Plan South Africa

    August 27, 2014

    There is a lot of medical jargon in South Africa, making it difficult to distinguish between insurance companies, medical aids and hospital plans. The public has access to either public  or private health care. Private hospitals are accessible only to those who can afford it. Not every hospital plan South Africa offers is equal!

    Today the high cost of living has made a hospital plan South Africa the most popular health cover option as opposed to the more expensive comprehensive medical aid plans. The best medical aids in South Africa, of which there are some 150 or more and with close to 8 million beneficiaries, offer excellent specialised services complete with superior facilities. Those in the middle- to high-income group enjoy private care by becoming members of a leading medical scheme such as Discovery Medical Aid.

    Hospital Plan South Africa

    Hospital Plan South AfricaThe health care system of South Africa isn’t only complex, it is also heavily regulated. A hospital cash plan is often confused with a medical aid hospital plan South Africa. With a hospital cash plan, however, if you were involved in a serious motorcar accident or you required bypass surgery, your medical bills would most likely exceed the amount covered by a Cash Back Hospital Plan. Not only that, these hospital cash back plans are not recognized as medical cover and you need to put down a substantial deposit before being admitted to a hospital.

    Hospital Plans South Africa Pose Problems

    A hospital plan South Africa is similar to a medical aid, but it essentially pays for your stay in hospital and also includes your doctor’s fees while you are hospitalised, as well as medication. It will also pay for certain tests and investigations.

    It is important to know the differences between the various kinds of cover provided by the long-term medical insurance companies in South Africa to ensure you enjoy as many benefits as possible.

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    For young people, the maternity benefits on a hospital plan South Africa can pose a problem.

    This is because although the scheme will pay for gynaecologist and obstetrician costs as well as hospital and delivery costs, even the best plan in South Africa does not cover costs such as antenatal checkups and scans as well as gynaecologist consultation fees. These necessary extras can be costly and beyond your reach. With a comprehensive medical aid on the other hand, these bills are covered.

    Private Health Insurance Offers High Levels of Cover

    There is a difference between a medical insurance company which offers a hospital plan and the medical cover you get from a medical aid in South Africa such as Discovery Health. Medical insurance is offered by insurance companies and their hospital plan covers you a set amount each day for hospitalisation.

    Insurance companies and even banks which have insurance companies who underwrite their policies offer medical insurance hospital plans. However the best hospital plan in South Africa remains the one offered by a medical aid simply because they offer higher levels of cover than those offered by insurance companies.

    A good hospital plan South Africa offered by a medical aid will cover unlimited hospital procedures so you can enjoy peace of mind that you are fully covered. The medical aid scheme such as Discovery will handle the payouts and the paperwork to the hospital.

    Being Looked After in Critical Times

    The state of public health care in South Africa leaves much to be desired and affordable hospital plans in South Africa are as vital as the air we breathe and they give us the assurance that in event of an unexpected illness or injury, our stay in a decent hospital is guaranteed.

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