Best Hospital Plans South Africa

    November 15, 2014

    Do not be caught out by illness or injury. Let the best hospital plans South Africa help with the high cost of hospital bills.

    The best hospital plans in South Africa are used by people whose basic health is good or those who find the higher premiums of medical aids in South Africa too high.

    Hospital plans are a more affordable option in South Africa when compared to the traditional medical aid schemes.

    Hospital Plans Shoulder all the Exorbitant Expenses

    The best hospital plans South Africa operate in different ways.  Each one only applies when you are hospitalised. In general, visits to your GP for instance will not be covered by these plans. Best Hospital Plans South Africa

    This can be a disadvantage for those who suffer from chronic illness and who visit the doctor often.

    Those who enjoy good health and rarely visit a doctor will be attracted by hospital cover.

    Medical Aids South Africa Offer More Features

    There is a difference between medical aids in South Africa and hospital plans.

    As a member of a medical aid such as Bonitas or Discovery you will enjoy more features but at a higher cost.

    When buying private health insurance in South Africa, compare policies and check the extent of cover. This means looking premium payments and what the excess charges will be.

    Best Hospital Plans South Africa

    The best hospital plans South Africa benefit those who can’t afford the expense of a medical aid scheme.

    Discovery Health members enjoy a cost-effective stay in hospital as well as cover for chronic medication. A leading hospital plan in South Africa is Discovery’s Core Series where you are admitted to any private hospital in the scheme’s network. This Discovery Health plan also offers cover for those travelling abroad who have a medical emergency.

    Momentum Health offers three hospital plans – Momentum Ingwe, Momentum Custom and Momentum Incentive.

    Ingwe offers entry level cover at a list of private hospitals or State hospitals.

    Momentum Extender for instance offers private hospitalisation.

    Settle for Affordable Hospital Plans in South Africa

    With best hospital plans South Africa, members have to pay premiums regularly each month, as failing to do so means loss of medical cover.

    That’s why it is better to settle for an affordable plan that is easy to keep up with.

    The cost of hospital plans South Africa vary and the idea is to get the one that covers your particular needs at the lowest price.

    There is a range of plans which have been specifically developed to provide everyone with some cover in emergency situations which land you in hospital for days or even months.

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