Fedhealth Maxima Core Gives Freedom of Hospital Choice

    November 14, 2015

    South Africans need medical aid to protect them from exorbitant medical costs and to protect them from having to go to a state hospital. The state hospitals have a reputation for being understaffed and under-resourced and a trip there is so stressful, you land up with mental problems you never had before. All medical aids vary in what services are offered and the amount the insurance company will pay. That’s where a hospital plan like Fedhealth Maxima Core comes into play.

    You can trust Fedhealth to offer you different plans to suit your pocket and fair pricing. They have been in the health insurance industry for more than 75 years and their focus is on quality health care. They offer so many important extras too such as professional and extreme sports cover, in-hospital dentistry for kids under 8 as well as easy membership for those children who have been covered on your medical aid, but who can now afford their own medical aid. No underwriting will be required for them.

    Fedhealth Maxima CoreFedhealth Maxima Core – Take your pick from ANY hospital you like

    Their Fedhealth Maxima Core plan is an exceptional hospital plan for those who are fairly healthy because they’ve looked after their health. For R1 529pm, Fedhealth Maxima Core provides unlimited hospital cover at ANY hospital in South Africa. This means you don’t have to select a hospital out of a network of hospitals – you have freedom of choice.

    With Fedhealth Maxima Core you also get peace of mind with the Chronic Disease Benefit that covers 25 chronic conditions at 100% of the Medicine Price List. You can also add to that the freedom of having major medical expenses covered such as oncology or phlebology treatments.

    The beauty about Fedhealth’s hospital plans is that they are far more affordable than regular medical aid plans. These have become a luxury for South Africans, and hospital plans allow you more direct control over your medical spending. You just have to remember that they differ significantly from comprehensive medical aid plans as regards the level of cover you’ll enjoy.

    Certainly a hospital plan such as Fedhealth Maxima Core is the ideal option if you are looking for good health cover for all those major medical expenses at a reasonable cost each month. Your Fedhealth Maxima Core plan includes –

    ●   for 30 days after hospitalisation, you get continued treatment
    ●   you enjoy unlimited PRIVATE hospital cover at ANY hospital
    ●   you take home medicine after you leave hospital for 7 days treatment
    ●   specialised radiology like MRI and CT scans
    ●   whether you’re admitted to hospital or not, you get trauma treatment
    ●   contracted fixed rates at Fedhealth Partner Specialists – treatments covered in full

    Fedhealth Maxima CoreFedhealth Maxima Core -There are SO many Additional Benefits

    Just like with all the other medical aid plans from Fedhealth, you get some value-added benefits included with Fedhealth Maxima Core. These are –

    ●   free flu vaccinations for the entire family
    ●   a free GP consultation each year per beneficiary
    ●   chronic medicine cover for 25 Prescribed Minimum Benefit chronic conditions
    ●   screening benefits
    ●   cover for non-Fedhealth contracted health professionals up to 100% of the Fedhealth rate


    Fedhealth offers excellent plans which come with unique benefits, whether you take their basic hospital plans or you’re looking for their more comprehensive cover.

    When you think that Fedhealth does all it can not to deplete your day-to-day benefits, it means that Fedhealth Maxima Core is one hospital plan where your money takes you so much further.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing