Spectramed Hospital Cover Details

    You often never realise quite what good health means until you lose it. In South Africa, having a stroke and ending up in a state hospital only makes your health condition feel worse. That’s why you need a plan like Spectramed hospital cover.

    For those unable to afford the top end premiums charged by the likes of Discovery Health or Fedhealth, then lower priced hospital plans such as the Spectramed hospital cover offering make excellent alternatives. Pharos Medical plan offers Footprint Primary, a great value entry level hospital plan. The scheme offers excellent support for those earning less. If you earn R7500 a month, you may qualify for a 50 percent premium reduction with Pharos.

    Spectramed Hospital Cover

    It is always worth comparing the benefits offered under the Spectramed hospital plan and comparing them against those provided by top end plans such as Discovery and then comparing against similarly priced schemes such as Pharos, Bonitas and others.

    It is important to understand the differences between plans before you make your choice. Each type of scheme is covered by different legislation which determines what can and can’t be offered. Medical aid schemes must be run as non-profit schemes and must offer indemnity Spectramed Hospital Covercover, insuring the member for a given amount of money. Even though the plans offered by some commercial companies appear cheaper, look more closely and you’ll see they often fail to include some of the benefits that are included with dedicated schemes. This is why Spectramed hospital cover offers excellent benefits.

    Some simple internet searches will quickly uncover detailed comparisons between the best hospital plans from the most reputable South African medical aid providers.

    Comparing Health Insurance

    Spectramed was launched in 1997 as a commercially operated scheme. Since then it has become a popular choice because it is competitively priced and offers cost effective cover that includes all the required benefits. There are 5 healthcare plans in the Spectramed portfolio. The plans are Spectra Capri, Azure, Cyan, Aqua, Cyan, and Cobalt.

    The Cobalt plan offers a wide range of cover and comes from a general hospital plan and day to day expenses unlike competitor Fedhealth where no day to day cover is provided for medical expenses. Neither does Fedhelath offer benefits for GP and optometrists services. Despite this they offer good value and this means that medical care is affordable, especially in emergencies.Spectramed Hospital Cover

    Spectra Aqua is the Spectramed offering that is known for being straightforward. If you are healthy and want the comfort of knowing you are covered in an emergency then it will work for you. All claims do need to be authorised by Spectramed before treatment commences and on approval all in hospital expenses will be met.

    Other Similar Cover

    Members of Discovery Health plan also need pre-approval and should seek that approval 48 hours in advance of admission. There is also the possibility that the plan may not pay for all of your in-hospital expenses as some treatments and private wards are not included. Some dental procedures are also not included in the plan. Bonitas Hospital plan will only promise members access to a limited network of professionals and medical experts but does ensure co-payments are not required.

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    Scheme Comparison Tools

    One benefit of the internet is that it makes comparisons between schemes easy. You can choose two plans, Discovery Health and Spectramed for example and view a benefit by benefit comparison of the two. Each benefit is rated so that it is quick and easy to assess which is the better of the two schemes for you.

    Half a Century of Industry Knowledge

    Spectramed is a well known name in South Africa. Its medical aid schemes and hospital plans allow less well off South Africans to access quality medical care. The scheme offers the latest healthcare provision as a combination of old and new benefits that are flexible and easy to choose from for all members. Spectramed hospital cover in particular is highly recommended.

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