Best Hospital Plan Quotes

    June 29, 2016

    Why get the best hospital plan quotes you can? It can be worrying if you run your own business and you find yourself in hospital not earning while you’re there. A stay in hospital can be 1 or 2 days but it can extend to a stay of 1 or 2 months and even longer. What will you do about earning while you lie disabled in hospital?

    One of the best ways to remove this burden is to get the best hospital plan quotes you can and invest in a good hospital plan from a reputable insurance company or medical aid scheme.

    Best Hospital Plan Quotes – You HAVE to understand the Differences

    Always get the best hospital plan quotes you can because some hospital plans pay for hospitalisation in private hospitals, while some cheaper plans will require you to use a network hospital or even a state hospital. There are 2 main types of hospital plans:

    • The medical aid hospital plan.
    • The hospital cash back plan.

    Know the difference between the two before you start requesting quotes.

    Some hospital plan quotes will tell you that the plan will also pay for certain procedures such as mammograms if done in doctors’ surgeries. Hospital plans are not all the same, and you need t understand all the differences.

    A little bit of research will show that there is an extensive range of benefits that come with these hospital Best Hospital Plan Quotesplans. Hospital plans all offer different benefits. You need to find affordable hospital plan quotes that will offer your family all the protection they need.

    Insurance companies and medical aid schemes each offer different hospital plan options, and comparing the best hospital plan quotes is a wise move. Lets just look at the Essence package from KeyHealth Medical Scheme, a great option for anyone on a budget  –

    * 100% full cover of an agreed fee when a member is hospitalised
    * this plan covers intensive- and high care fees, theatre fees
    * unlimited coverage for blood transfusion with pre-authorisation
    * oncology cover and pathology, prosthetics and radiology treatments

    Best Hospital Plan Quotes- Try AIG

    A hospital plan quote from AIG, an insurance company will offer the following benefits –

    * a daily cash benefit – you can get up to R5000 a day for as long as 180 days
    * their daily cash benefits are payable from day one
    * the maximum amount of cover you get each year is R1.8 million
    * the daily payout can be doubled for every day that you are in ICU
    * your cover extends internationally

    A hospital plan isn’t a medical aid. They are different from medical plans, and visits to a doctor are not included. This can obviously be a problem for people with chronic illnesses who need to visit the doctor regularly.  People who are in good health are attracted to hospital plans. Hospital plans must cover several medications.

    Anyone can qualify for a hospital plan but there are waiting periods too. People with pre-existing conditions may have to wait for up to 12 months for the plan to start paying for these conditions.

    The costs of hospital plans also vary. You can always talk to a health care consultant who can advise you on choosing the right hospital policy. What you can afford as well as your medical history will influence your choice. Medical aid schemes always offer a full comprehensive option or an affordable basic hospital plan.

    It goes without saying that the more limited the option is that you choose, the less your monthly contributions will be. Will this suit your health status? Make sure you investigate all hospital plan options. Some hospital plans start at R600 a month, most are in the region of R1 100 per month, while others cost more.

    Best Hospital Plan Quotes – Good Hospital Plans a Wise Choice

    Full medical cover is something precious few can afford. There is nothing wrong with opting to go for affordable hospital plans because at least then your medical bills for a stint in hospital will be taken care of.

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