September 28, 2014

    Medshield is a refreshing change from the giant medical aid providers in South Africa such as Bonitas, Discovery Health and Liberty medical aid.

    Medshield medical aid is a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act. It is an open scheme, so any South African who does not belong to a medical aid already is free to join. This is contrary to restricted schemes such as Edcon medical aid, which is for Edcon employees only.

    This lesser known medical scheme is relatively small and nimble, yet has an excellent AA Credit MedshieldRating. This means Medshield medical aid will be able to pay all the claims made by members in terms of the particular medical plan you select.

    Medshield Medical Aid Plans

    There are seven medical aid variations to choose from at this scheme. You can easily compare benefits and contribution between the various choices on their website.

    The seven levels of plan at Medshield medical scheme are:

    • 80% Plan
    • Core Plus
    • Medibonus
    • Mediplus
    • Medivalue
    • Premium Plus
    • Standard

    Each of the options functions to some extent as a Medshield hospital plan. These mainly involve theĀ  network of hospitals. Managed care is a big feature of Medshield medical aid, so be prepared to contact the scheme before hospitalisation or any form of medical treatment. Otherwise you run the risk of your medical claims not being paid. The differences between the various plans are mainly the added benefits you get in terms of the medical savings account and varying limits for various tests, doctors, specialists and procedures.

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    Affordable Medical Aid

    The best way to find affordable medical aid that is suited to the needs of you and your family is to get several medical aid quotes. If you are still unsure about the best medical aids in South Africa for your needs then by all means approach a financial advisor or medical aid advisor.

    Beware of any advisor guiding you towards any particular scheme, such as Discovery medical aid. He or she is probably doing so in order to get a huge commission. Compare the schemes until you understand the differences between the plans and can make an informed choice.

    Why Medshield?

    Medshield claims on its website to guarantee you will find a healthcare option to meet your particular needs. They place all their focus on giving you top class yet affordable health care, enhanced with further benefits to ensure that what you get exceeds your expectations. For instance, the Wellness benefit provides a number of medical tests so that you can save on medical costs through preventative care.

    Medshield has an experienced team of personnel who have gained all their knowledge in the course of its rich history. They will be able to guide you and your family through every health care procedure. Take a close look at Medshield. Thousands of happy members say they trust Medshield implicitly for all their health care needs, come what may.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing