Discovery Health Medical Aid

    August 29, 2014

    In South Africa more and more people are suffering from depression and traumatic events. Discovery Health Medical Aid reports more and more incidents of this kind.

    Circumstances are causing an increase in stress. Relentless stress causes our immune systems to become unbalanced. Our adrenal glands become exhausted and we experience weakened immune systems, resulting in a host of illnesses which can cost a fortune to treat.

    Woe betide If you find yourself needing hospitilisation in South Africa. State health facilities have deteriorated to be life threatening in many instances and because the situation is critical.
    The solution lies in private health insurance of which Discovery Health medical aid is South Africa’s largest private healthcare provider and has some 2.5 million members.

    Discovery Health Medical AidPrivate Health Insurance

    With private health insurance in South Africa, you can choose from a range of schemes and look at their solvency status and claims paying abilities. Discovery Health medical aid has a solvency rate of 24.30% in 2013.You can also check out the Council for Medical Schemes website which provides information on all registered medical schemes in South Africa. Discovery Health medical aid also has a global credit rating of AA+ for their ability to pay member’s claims.

    Momentum Health is another one of the larger open schemes in South Africa which attributes its rapid growth to allowing its members to have their medical cover shaped according to their exact needs and budget. They offer their Ingwe Hospital Plan with premiums as low as R349 per month; worked out according to salary.

    Discovery Health Medical Aid Scheme

    Discovery Health medical aid offers a range of options to cater for each member’s needs and these include everything from their Executive Plan to the KeyCare Series. Members can go to any private hospital but the Coastal, Delta and KeyCare plans offer their hospital cover from a network of hospitals. It is no fun having a baby in South Africa without proper medical care and Discovery Health medical aid offers outstanding care for expecting mothers. Once their babies are born they can become Discovery members too. Expectant mothers will enjoy cover for day-to-day pregnancy and childbirth costs and Discovery will also cover the cost of scans, blood tests and even pay for antenatal classes.

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    Discovery Health Vitality is a separate company which offers a wellness programme with rewards and it alone has about 5 million members. With membership of Discovery Health medical scheme you can

    • enjoy additional benefits with Clicks pharmacies and clinics, because as a service provider for Discovery Health, they offer members extraordinary benefits such as being able to have a Discovery Vitality Health Check done once a year at a Clicks Clinic near you
    • the sister will offer pre- and post-test counselling and the costs are covered by Discovery Health
    •  being a member of one of the Discovery Health medical aid plans mean you can even have your monthly medication pre-packed for you and delivered to your door
    • Discovery Vitality has also partnered with big names such as Woolworths, Pick’n Pay and Adidas and as a member you can get up to 25% cash back when you buy healthy foods and HealthyGear items.

    Basic Hospital Cover to All-Inclusive Cover

    Choosing the right medical aid from the different medical insurance companies can be overwhelming, so first look at your needs and speak to an experienced health care consultant who will guide you in choosing the right scheme and option. An important question is to find out how you will be covered in hospital. Also very important is to take note of exclusions and co-payments on certain procedures.

    Between Discovery Health medical aid and other private health insurance companies there are myriads of options to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Take you pick from a basic Discovery Health Hospital Plan or their comprehensive, all inclusive medical cover; all of which will give you peace of mind and keep you out of South Africa’s dreaded state hospitals.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing