Hospital Plan

    August 3, 2018

    Choosing a hospital plan can be the perfect solution for healthier candidates. Those are people who don’t need day-to-day medical cover for things like medication or doctor visits. It is also good for people who don’t need cover for chronic medical care. Such a plan is a more affordable healthcare solution for many. Here’s what you need to know about choosing one.

    Hospital Plan Cover

    Hospital plans from medical aids such as Discovery Health, Bonitas and Fedhealth basically cover all hospitalisation costs for emergencies and treatments of serious illness. In some cases they cover operations too. Hospital PlanUsually there is also cover for pre-authorised medical treatments and procedures included in a hospital plan.

    Discovery Medical Aid

    A Discovery hospital plan will take elements like your age, current health and lifestyle and your current needs into consideration. They will also discuss your budget and medical requirements. In addition you have the option of joining Discovery Vitality. The plan allows you to accumulate points, discounts and rewards for your healthy lifestyle choices.

    Perhaps you’d prefer to take out a Fedhealth hospital plan or Medihelp hospital plan.  Having such a plan can help you with the possibility of high medical bills if you land up in hospital.

    A hospital plan offers a decent amount of in-hospital cover at affordable rates. The type of cover is typically unlimited too provided that you get pre-authorisation from your chosen scheme.

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    What’s Is Included in a Hospital Plan

    Also think about the inclusions and exactly how much cover you will get. Some schemes place regulations on their plans such as which healthcare providers and hospitals you can use.

    Schemes like Momentum Health will have a network of providers and hospitals you’re able to choose from. As long as you choose one of these, you will be covered for all of the costs. If you prefer to use a hospital or carer outside of the predefined network, then you will be accountable for anyfurther expenses.

    In some circumstances a plan like the Bonita hospital plan might only cover a certain percentage of expensessuffered outside of the network.

    In-Hospital Costs

    There are a range of in-hospital costs included in a hospital plan, including your hospital stay, medication, materials and theatre procedures. Other items covered include ambulance services, blood transfusions, CT and MRI scans and gastro-intestinal endoscopies.

    All of our medical aids in South Africa aim to help you find the best healthcare option for your needs and pocket. They will take your lifestyle and other particulars into consideration, along with your budget, to come up with the best plan for you.

    Such a plan, however, will afford you the flexibility to manage your own day-to-day medical expenses such as medication and doctor’s visits that may be a necessary out-of-hospital occurrence.

    So when you’re considering which hospital plan is right for you, think carefully about your budget and medical needs. Should your circumstances change in time, you can always upgrade your medical aid plan.

    Complete the form on this page then hit the “Get Quote” button to get hospital plan quotes

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