Discovery Health

    July 30, 2014

    Discovery Health is probably the best known medical aid scheme in South Africa. Many swear by it, others don’t. But it IS worth investigating what Discovery has to offer, especially in the area of Discovery hospital plans.

    Remember that Discovery Health medical aid is a fully fledged medical scheme registered with the Council for Medical Schemes. As such, Discovery medical aid has to abide by the regulations laid down in law and monitored by the council. It must supply a long list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits to its members, according to the law. Discovery HealthThis is why it is better to get a hospital plan from Discovery Health or another registered medical scheme than from an insurance company. Insurance companies are not governed by the strict rules that medical aids are.

    The professed main aim of Discovery Health plansĀ  is to make people healthier and thus to to enhance and protect their lives. They do this by focusing on the health and wellness of their members and by providing a range of products to suit a variety of needs.

    Discovery Health offers a wide range of benefits which are an additional part of most of their products. On top of Discovery Health, there is also Discovery Life Cover and Discovery Vitality to complement your needs.

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    What’s on offer with Discovery Health?

    Discovery offer a range of products in the health care sector from the most affordable, Key Care, to the one with the highest benefits, The Executive Plan.

    Key Care is a lower income health care providing care from the network of Key Care Hospitals. The next option up is the Core Plan which offers a range of Hospital only cover options. Next up is the Saver option which offers a range of hospital cover and day-to-day benefits.

    The Priority, Comprehensive and Executive plans offer wider options within the hospital and day-to-day cover respectively.

    How would I benefit from Discovery?

    Discovery Health claim to invest in their members’ well being by offering much more than just a healthcare plan. Discovery offer the Discovery Vitality option in which they have partnered up with the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Virgin Active and a large number of other providers to ensure that their clients make the most of their health and well being.

    Discovery Vitality offers members the chance to lower their premiums by earning vitality points through improving their health and making healthy lifestyle changes. In the Discovery Health Vitality programme the member earns points towards certain benefits.

    Best medical insurance South Africa has?

    Have a look at all the benefits that are on offer from Discovery Health and Discovery Vitality and see how you might benefit from choosing one of their health care options for you or your family. When it comes to making Discovery Health claims, you can be sure that your medical aid is a giant in the field that will be able to pay all your expenses subject to the Discovery Health medical aid option you chose when you signed up.

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