Momentum Health Hospital Plans

    January 13, 2015

    In South Africa there are many medical aid schemes, but Momentum Health hospital plans are among the best options available.

    1. Cheap hospital cover

    Cheap hospital plans differ from a comprehensive medical aid, since a broader variety of procedures in hospital itself are covered, as well as at a higher level, since the whole purpose of a hospital plan is of course to cover the time and costs spent during hospital visits.Hospital plan insurance is ideal for someone healthy, probably younger and someone still independent from family responsibilities.

    Momentum Health hospital plans

    An important aspect to keep in mind as well, is that cheaper as well as better cover for hospital visits are always through hospital plans registered at the Council for Medical Schemes, instead of through a normal insurance company. The reason for this is that registered schemes are forced by law to cover a certain minimum, even when it concerns a hospital plan only, for Momentum Health Hospital Plansexample when it comes to the treatment of a chronic condition or medication. Discovery Health for example only recently got registered with the Council for Medical Schemes.

    1. About Momentum Health

    The past five years, Momentum Health has grown very quickly – in fact, faster than the industry. The reason is said to be the fact that Momentum Health plans are relatively flexible, therefore more catered for each individual’s needs regarding health and budget.

    1. Momentum Health hospital plans on offer

    Momentum Health offers affordable hospital plans. The Momentum Health Hospital plan is part of all the options they have. The Momentum hospital plan therefore is the perfect combination, including benefits of a normal hospital plan as well as cover for other aspects.

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    In all different levels of cover, Momentum Health hospital plans make up the biggest ‘section’ of the cover paid for. Other benefits include for example chronic condition medication, everyday medically related expenses, emergency and it includes also a ‘Health Saver’ where a small amount is automatically transferred each month to a kind of ‘savings-pocket’ for unforeseen circumstances.

    Different options of Momentum Health hospital plans are the ‘Ingwe Option’, ‘Access Option’, ‘Custom Option’, ‘Incentive Option’, ‘Extender Option’ and ‘Summit Option’.

    The first option from Momentum Health hospital plans, the ‘Ingwe Option’, offers hundred percent cover of specialists, full cover of hospital accounts, with a limited amount of R1 060 000 per family per year.

    The second option of Momentum Health hospital plans, the ‘Access Option’, offers hundred percent cover of specialists as well, full cover of hospital accounts and no yearly limit to hospital visits.

    The ‘Custom Option’ of Momentum Health hospital plans offers associated specialists being paid in full, other specialists covered a hundred percent, hospital accounts covered fully and no annual limits. A R1000 co-payment is necessary though.

    The ‘Incentive Option’ of Momentum Health hospital plans offers the same as the ‘Custom Option’, except that the other specialists are covered two hundred percent.

    The ‘Extender Option’ of Momentum Health hospital plans offers exactly the same as the ‘Incentive Option’.

    The ‘Summit Option’, the top-of-the-list-option of Momentum Health hospital plans offers the same as the ‘Extender Option’ from Momentum Health hospital plans, except that other specialists are covered for up to three hundred percent.

    It is thus clear that Momentum Health hospital plans have good terms and upon enquiry, a more individual agreement can be reached, according to the specific needs of that person or family.

    All info was correct at time of publishing