Hospital Cover from Discovery

    July 30, 2014

    Discovery Health Medical Scheme is the largest Medical Scheme in South Africa. Since we are a prominent and financially solid organisation, you can feel confident in hospital cover from Discovery.

    Hospital cover from Discovery

    • Entry level plans (Keycare and Keycare Plus)
    • Products for people living at the coast (Coastal Core and Coastal Saver)
    • Hospital-only plans (Core range)
    • Plans giving you all-round cover (Saver range and Comprehensive range)
    • Plans that give you limited threshold cover with some payments in hospital (Priority range)
    • Plans that give you total comprehensive cover and care (Executive plans).

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    Choose hospital cover from Discovery or check out another registered medical aid scheme to compare the value we provide. These schemes are always preferable to an insurance company. In South Africa, the Medical Schemes Act makes sure that we offer medical aid including hospital care, and a long list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits for over 300 conditions, including 27 ongoing illnesses.

    Hospital Cover from DiscoveryThose who manage hospital cover from Discovery work hard to keep costs low for you. They have designed plans especially for low income earners. However, they do have plans that include top-level cover should you want it. This includes access to private hospitals, and innovative health care.

    Some of the plans require you to use our excellent network of hospitals, specialists, other health professionals and pharmacies. By having agreements with a range of providers, hospital cover from Discovery can keep costs low for you. On other plans, you can choose from any state and private hospital and facility. Discovery hospital plans also include up to 21 days in facilities for drug and alcohol addiction or for mental health disorders.

    International Cover

    Many of Discovery’s hospital plans include emergency care and evacuation internationally, including from specific African counties. Within the country you can take advantage of medicopters and on the ground ambulances as needed.

    Most hospital cover from Discovery gives you unlimited access to hospitals, so you don’t have to worry should you or a member of your family need to visit hospital on a regular basis. Specified medications are also included in plans.

    If you or a family member has an ongoing health problem, you are well covered. Discovery hospital plans cover the hospitalisation you need, medications and often preventive screening tests and pathology for blood tests as well. We comprehensively cover HIV and health, including screening and responding to trauma, occupational transmission, mother to baby transmission and sexual assault.

    Several Discovery Health plans cover birth and care of babies up to one year.


    If you join our Discovery Vitality programme, you may find that you need to visit hospital less often. This plan also gives you rewards if you take up healthy lifestyle options, like joining a gym, playing golf or buying a heart monitor. It also saves you money because it provides discounts on travel, leisure and other items.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing