Discovery Hospital Plan Rates

    August 3, 2014

    Discovery Plans come in many forms so there are several Discovery hospital plan rates to consider. Get a quote for a Discovery hospital plan or check out another registered medical aid scheme to compare the value they provide.

    Medical aid scheme hospital plans are generally preferable to hospital plans offered by  insurance company, if you were wondering about the comparative benefits.

    In South Africa, the Medical Schemes Act makes sure that medical aids cover a wide range of treatments as well as hospital care, and a long list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits for over 300 conditions, including 27 ongoing illnesses.

    Discovery Hospital Plan Rates

    Start your search for decent medical cover in South Africa by looking at Discovery hospital plan rates.

    Discovery Hospital Plan RatesDiscovery’s KeyCare Core, Access and Plus plans have the most affordable Discovery hospital plan rates. These plans give you:

    • Private hospital cover.
    • Guaranteed full cover in hospital for specialists who are on a payment arrangement, and up to 200% of Discovery’s Health Rate for other healthcare professionals.
    • Full cover for medicine for all ongoing illnesses.
    • Benefits for medical emergencies when travelling.

    The Discovery Coastal Saver gives outside-of-hospital benefits through a savings account. This is a good choice for those who need a hospital plan with a self-managed savings account for costs outside of hospital. This plan includes:

    • Cover in any South African hospital based in coastal locations, with no overall limit.
    • International emergency travel and evacuation services in several African countries.

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    More expensive Discovery hospital plan rates

    The very top range is Discovery’s Executive plan, which is very expensive but also completely comprehensive. For this, you get the following and more:

    • Hospital benefits in the private sector that include private wards.
    • Specified specialist benefits with arranged payment (Discovery Health Rate for other specialists to 300%)
    • Full benefits for many chronic conditions including Discovery listed medicines plus extra brand medicines.

    The Discovery Comprehensive plan is also pricey but covers a great many of your health care requirements. You are covered for the following and more:

    • Benefits in private hospitals, which is without limit.
    • Hospital specified specialist benefits with arranged payment, (Discovery Health Rate to 200% for other healthcare professionals).
    • Many ongoing illnesses are fully covered including medicine for all listed ongoing sicknesses plus some other ongoing conditions.
    • A good savings account.
    • Additional benefits for GP consultation fees, tests and some equipment.
    • Access to specialised, technological and other medical care in South Africa and internationally.
    • Benefits for medical emergencies when travelling.
    • There are no annual thresholds for Core, KeyCare and Saver plans

    Discovery Priority

    The Discovery Priority is a slightly cheaper option. The most expensive one is the Classic Priority Plan. This allows the Discovery rate for hospital benefits at 200% of the local admissions at any hospital in the country, and you can access benefits out of hospital and pathology for blood tests at our network of providers. The Classic Priority Plan also includes international medical emergencies and evacuations in several other African countries. You can use Discovery’s own network of GPs or other GPs.

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