Benefits of Selfmed MEDXXI Hospital Plan

    August 31, 2015

    When it comes to planning for their medical care, more and more South Africans are opting for hospital plans instead of the comprehensive medical plans. Selfmed now offers the Selfmed MEDXXI hospital plan, which is a real option.

    Cost is the main motivating factor driving this change as families grapple with the constantly rising cost of living. With the cost of commodities and bills to think about, few can afford to fork out the sizeable premiums full medical plans demand.

    Selfmed MEDXXI gives the enhanced control which hospital plans give to the policyholder over their medical expenses is increasingly appealing to medical insurance members. Medical Savings Accounts allow them to keep a tighter leash on their spending.

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    Medical scheme Selfmed MEDXXI hospital plan offers South African residents all these benefits and more through this plan. Here are some of them:

    SomSelfmed MEDXXIe Selfmed MEDXXI Benefits

    Scans: With Selfmed MEDXXI hospital plan you will not need to go back into your pocket to pay for MRI or CT scans. Whether you’re getting them in or out of hospital, Selfmed will take care of the cost up to 100% of the scheme rate. However, you will have to go with a R1,600 co-pay whenever you’re getting the scan. Preventive scans such as pap smears and mammograms are also covered by the plan. The cost of foetal scans for pregnant women in hospital is also taken care of fully.
    Hospitalisation: With the Selfmed MEDXXI hospital plan all the costs involved with a stay in hospital, from the daily cost of the bed, theatre and all the drugs and equipment you need will be catered for by the policy. Up to a week’s supply of the drugs you will be given after being discharged to help in your recovery at home will also be paid for. If you need to see a certain specialist, you will not have to pay the consultation fee from your pocket.

    Ante-natal care: Ante-natal classes offered by the hospital during pregnancy will be paid for up to R1,400 in terms of the Selfmed MEDXXI hospital plan. Maternity visits will also be paid for subject to the agreed upon limit.

    Therapy: If you’re recovering from a traumatic injury and require physiotherapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy, this plan will take care of the expenses involved.

    Blood transfusion: If you will need blood transfusion while in hospital, the Selfmed MEDXXIentire cost of this procedure will be met by the Selfmed MEDXXI hospital plan.

    Non-elective reconstructive surgery: Should you be involved in an accident and require maxilla-facial or oral surgery, the Selfmed MEDXXI hospital plan will settle the inherent cost. But you will need to avail a co-pay of R1,100.

    PMBs: Treatment for up to 25 conditions listed in the PMBs or prescribed minimum benefits will be catered for in full by the Selfmed MEDXXI hospital plan

    Medical procedures: There are a number of procedures that are covered by the MEDXXI hospital plan. Among them are gastroscopies, colonoscopies, tonsillectomies. The cost of installing internal and external prosthesis as well as orthopaedic appliances will be taken care of under the Selfmed MEDXXI hospital plan, subject to certain limits. Radiology for cancer patients is another one of the scheme’s benefits.

    The above is only applicable if you seek treatment at the Selfmed scheme’s designated hospitals.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing