Which are the cheapest Medical Aid plans?

    January 27, 2018

    There are many cheap medical aid plans you can look at in this country.

    Many of them offer enough cover depending on your health and needs. If you are young and healthy, finding what you want will be easy.

    Never forget that it is better to have cheap cover than no cover at all.

    Cheap medical Aid plans 

    • Cheaper plans mainly cater for certain income groups
    • Some plans base their fees on your income
    • Cheap cover is available even from the big insurers such as Fedhealth and Discovery
    • The Fedhealth Blue Door Plus has salary-based cover for low income earners. This includes day-to-day benefits for GP visits
    • Medimed and Selfmed also offer great cover for just over R1000 a month.

    Research shows that Leading firms Cater for Cheap medical Aid plans Too

    Cheap medical aid plansWhen you research the many health care plans on offer, you’ll see that some of the big names are there. Discovery, GEMS, Momentum, Bonitas, Polmed and Bankmed among others.

    Discovery has more than 2 million members and GEMS has more than a million members.

    They cater to all income groups – you will find the cover you can afford.

    There are also Plans for Low income Earners

    You can find plans in the region of R300 a month for people earning less than R500 a month. Some of them offer cheaper alternatives in the form of a hospital plan which has cover at very reduced prices.

    Some of the Cheaper health Plans –

    Many cheaper plans are income based. You pay a monthly fee which relates to the salary you earn. You can’t be expected to pay R3 000 a month for cover when you only earn R6 000 a month.

    The cheaper plans are there for those whose income is below a certain bracket. This suits students.

    Some other Medical Aid plans you Can find –

    • Momentum Health is popular with students. For R370 a month, they have access to any private hospital in the country. They also benefit from dentistry, eye care and specialist visits plus no limit doctors visits.
    • Medimed is seen as as the best value for money. There options are Alpha, Medisave Max, Medisave Standard and Medisave Essential. Their Alpha Plan is the most cost effective option, with very low fees. The option is cheaper than many others on the market.
    • Medshield and the Mediphilia plan costs R1 143 a month
    • Selfmed’s Selfnet plan is R1,275.00 for the main member.
    • Ingwe Option offers entry level cover which includes hospital stays.

    All these plans cover life threatening conditions, as well as PMB’s.

    Use a Comparison site

    If you find that looking for cheap medical aid is a bit confusing, there are comparison sites who ask you a few questions regarding the cover you want.

    They then search their portfolio and present the very cheapest to you. The plan will match your budget and health needs.

    All info was correct at time of publishing