Find out about insuring your stay in a hospital.

    January 27, 2018

    Health Insurance what is it? The cost of healthcare goes up every year as medical aid becomes more expensive.

    Health Insurance is an affordable option to tackle costly medical bills and hospital costs. Today, not many people can afford a comprehensive medical aid plan.

    Health Insurance what is it? It’s a Lifesaver

    • Many people choose Health Insurance instead of a medical aid plan to save money
    • It allows you more control over your medical spend and your budget
    • A Health Insurance policy from an insurance company covers you for a certain amount each day you stay in hospital
    • Apart from the hospital plan, there are other options you can add such as dental and/or eye treatment

    Health Insurance what is It and do I need it ?

    Health Insurance what is It

    Work out what it is you need to cover your health costs. If you find that a medical aid plan costs too much, then you need Health Insurance. Do some research to find out more about your options.

    Health care Options

    This country has many ways to access health care – the public and private healthcare system and health insurance. You can’t rely on the poor level of what the state offers, even the government will advise you to go for private health care.

    Health Insurance – an Option when Medical aid is Out of Reach

    If you can’t afford medical aid, you still need some form of health cover. There are a number of plans around, however, their costs and benefits vary. This means you must study each plan.

    Bear in mind that a plan with a low monthly premium might not be the cheapest. Their lack of benefits may mean you pay out more in the long run. Does the cover include dental and eye care?

    Health Insurance what is It and Who sells It?

    • The Clientèle Health Event Life Plans (H.E.L.P) provides you with cash and maternity benefits, as well as airtime to help you during the claims process. Some of their plans start from R265 a month.
    • Oneplan is a short-term insurance product. They offer a range of health insurance schemes developed and researched by their own team. The Core Health Plan starts at R310 a month and provides maternity, pathology, radiology and dentistry.

    Health Insurance – an Affordable option to Medical Aid

    Health Insurance plans fall under the short term insurance act. They are regulated by the South African Financial Services Board (FSB).

    The plans can either act as top up insurance for medical aid or as a standalone option which operates independently from a medical scheme.

    Health Insurance is not as comprehensive as medical aid, but they provide you with peace of mind in tough times. You should consider this add-on.

    All info was correct at time of publishing