Thinking of Getting a Hospital Plan

    April 8, 2017

    Most people in South Africa are looking for quality health care, first, start out looking for a comprehensive medical aid. Getting a hospital plan could benefit you.

    They do research among the top medical schemes, looking at the likes of Selfmed, Fedhealth, Bonitas, Momentum Health, Discovery Health, Bestmed and others. They want the best medical care for their families. These comprehensive medical aid plans are the cherry on the top when it comes to health care in South Africa as they provide in- and out of the hospital, which includes those day-to-day benefits.

    Wonderful though these comprehensive medical aids are,  they’ve become Getting a Hospital Planinaccessible to most South Africans. The alternative is hospital plans – plans which cover you for in-hospital treatment and which don’t provide day-to-day benefits.

    Medshield – Experienced and Credible

    When you start looking at hospital plans, go for those offered by registered medical schemes. Medshield offers comprehensive medical aid as well as hospital plans.

    • Medshield has been in operation since 1968 – they are experienced, reliable and credible
      and their medical care options are affordably priced and are constantly under review
    • Medshield prefers not to put emphasis on reward programmes  that most members are indifferent to – they prefer to focus more on improving the quality of the health care their members receive
    • they have an AA- Global Credit Rating – you know your claims will be paid
    • Medshield has a range of plans to suit the needs of their members
    • If you can’t afford a full medical aid plan, they’ve got great hospital plans.


    Medshield’s Hospital Plans Worth Considering – Getting A Hospital Plan

    • Medshield’s Core Plus – this plan offers an unlimited in-hospital cover with the medical scheme’s hospital network.
    • Essential plan – this is an excellent choice as it gives you unlimited in-hospital cover through the scheme’s network, and personal savings account for your day-to-day benefits.
    • The Standard plan, popular with young couples looking to start a family, offers the same cover, but you also have an optional maternity package
    • Medshield Medibonus – you get unlimited in-hospital cover at 200% of the medical scheme rate. Chronic illness sufferers like this plan as it offers generous chronic condition cover. You’ll also get day to day cover with additional cover for basic optometry and dentistry as well as GP visits.


    Medshield tells people looking for good healthcare that with their excellent plans, will find something to meet your particular needs. They believe that they can offer their members quality, affordable health care.

    Get the Support You Need – Getting A Hospital Plan

    Medical aid schemes are to support your family’s health care. No matter what age you are, if you are fairly healthy and you believe you can quite easily manage your day-to-day expenses, then you’ll no doubt be thinking of getting a hospital plan.

    It will surprise you at how Medshield’s hospital plan can protect you from the burden of the large medical costs from a stint in hospital and how it can also help you control your expenses.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing