Compcare Hospital Plan for Students

    August 24, 2017

    Some students are lucky if they can manage a job in between their studies. They want to be independent, they don’t want to rely on their parents for hand-outs and they have a sense of responsibility and maturity about them. Here we will have a look at Compcare hospital plan for students.

    They realize that as young adults they aren’t immune to the ravages of life – accidents and illnesses – and they want money to pay for an affordable hospital plan. They realize the need for some form of medical care.

    Income-Based Medical Care

    There are some medical aids in South Africa that offer income-based medical aid to full-time students. In fact, the NetWorx option isn’t just an affordable health care plan for students, but also for low-income employees in the corporate sector.

    Compcare Hospital Plan for StudentsCompCare Wellness also stands out because they are one of the few medical schemes offering cover to professional sportsmen. Compcare has an excellent track record which spans more than 3 decades and they also offer a diverse range of products to choose from.


    With the NetWorx options, you’ve got access to 4 types of care –

    – Promotive – Health checks and disease management program
    – Preventative – flu vaccination
    – Curative – basic dentistry, hospitalization, day-to-day benefits and unlimited GP visits
    – Supportive and Palliative – emotional wellness support, disease management, hospice or home care


    View your Medical Scheme Status 24/7 – Compcare Hospital Plan for Students

    It pays to do research because there is medical care that has been specifically designed for students and offers essential cover, and Compcare does this. They know that students are always on their mobile devices, and they offer their CompCare Member App. This means that members can access and view their CompCare Medical Scheme options and claims whenever they wish. The app can be download from either the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.

    CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme offers medical care for students. It was formed in January  2008 and offers a wide range of benefits for its members.

    At CompCare Wellness students can expect excellent healthcare benefits and at seriously affordable rates. Students can find comprehensive benefit options to new generation options.`

    Easy Online Applications – Compcare Hospital Plan for Students

    As a student, you can apply to become a member of CompCare Wellness NetworX option which is specifically geared for students. Students can either download the application form and fax them to +27(0) 86 505 7466 or you can complete the online application form.

    If this doesn’t appeal to you you can click on the red colored ‘Let us Call You’ button and an experienced member of staff will call you back to discuss your requirements.

    Let’s look at what students can expect from  NetworX –

    • Unlimited visits to the doctor
    • Optometry and dental benefits.
    • Full cover when injured
    • Full cover for acute and chronic medicine
    • Out-of-hospital benefits
    • Emergency assistance which includes airlifting a patient from an accident scene
    • Radiology, pathology and specialist consultations
    • Repatriation cover


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    All info was correct at time of publishing