What is GetSavvi Health Insurance?

    January 30, 2018

    What is GetSavvi Health Insurance?

    • Basic health insurance, not a medical aid.
    • Affordable plans.
    • A wide range of network doctors and dentists to keep costs low.
    • Three plans to choose from.
    • Cover for day to day expenses, hospital stays or a combination of the two.


    Medical costs in South Africa are rising consistently, leaving many South Africans with no alternative but to use state facilities. This means queuing for hours, or even the whole day for an appointment at the clinic or the hospital.

    Many South Africans can simply not afford comprehensive medical aid. That’s where GetSavvi comes in. They are not a medical aid but health insurance. They offer three basic plans, at very competitive rates, giving members access to private healthcare options.

    GetSavvi Health InsuranceGetSavvi plans all come in at under R850 a month, a fraction of what most medical aids charge. They manage to keep costs down by prescribing the network of medical professionals you can visit and by prescribing what medication they will pay for.

    GetSavvi Primary Care Plan

    This is the basic plan and costs R520 for family cover and R315 for a single member. If you would also like to have unlimited dentistry and optometry benefits, add another R120 to the premium.

    With this plan, you qualify for the following benefits within the prescribed network of doctors:

    • As many doctor’s visits as you like
    • Basic dentistry and emergency dentistry
    • HIV testing
    • STI testing
    • X-rays in black and white
    • Medication for acute and chronic conditions issued according to the basic formulary
    • Maternity benefit


    Other benefits include:

    GetSavvi HIV, Trauma and Assault Counselling

    The policy includes cover for retrovirals in the case that there has been an assault, trauma or accidental exposure to HIV.

    The 24-hour hotline will ensure that you get the help that you need.

    Netcare 911 Emergency Services

    If there is an emergency, calling this service will enable you to get help. The staff will either put you through for further medical advice or dispatch emergency services, depending on the natural of the emergency.

    GetSavvi Health Advisor

    You also have access to the health line at all times. You can call in for:

    • Emergency advice
    • Help with the assessment of day to day symptoms
    • Medical information
    • Information about prescribed medication
    • Poison database
    • Guidance to improve health
    • Stress management
    • Trauma counselling


    GetSavvi Primary Care Plan Plus

    This is the more comprehensive option and includes a hospital benefit as well. The cost is R700 for a family and R425 for a single person. If you want to include unlimited dentistry and optometry, you can opt to pay an extra R120.

    This plan includes the same benefits as for the Primary Care Plan but also has a Hospital benefit and accidental death payout.

    GetSavvi Hospital Plan

    • You are able to access outpatient care in hospital for accidental injuries with an annual limit of R5 000 per person per year.
    • The plan covers stabilisation treatment in a private or state hospital in the event of an emergency. The cover is R15 000 per person per year.
    • You are also entitled to care at a private facility if you are injured in an accident. The cover is R100 000 per person per year.


    GetSavvi Get Care Plan

    This plan is a basic hospital plan with no cover for day to day medical expenses. The cost per member or family is R230 per month.

    The hospitalisation benefits are the same as for the Primary Care Plus Plan.

    All plans do include funeral cover as well.


    All info was correct at time of publishing