Do you know the difference between Medical aid schemes?

    January 8, 2018

    With such a variety of schemes around you may become confused. For instance, what is Health Insurance? Is it medical cover? A medical aid plan? Gap cover?

    What is Health Insurance and Do you Need it?

    • Many people choose Health Insurance instead of a medical aid plan to save on costs.
    • It is cheaper than a normal medical aid.
    • The cover allows you more control over your spending and your medical care budget.
    • Health insurance covers you for a certain amount each day you are in a hospital.
    • It has a basic hospital plan that covers essential treatment. Plus there are other options you can add such as dental and eye treatment.

    What is Health InsuranceWhat is Health Insurance and What to Look for –

    When looking for a plan that best suits your medical needs, make sure you base your decision on research. Speak to friends and consultants to find out more about your options.

    What is Health Insurance and the Options you Can choose 

    There are a few ways to access health care. The public healthcare system, private healthcare system and health insurance. You can’t rely on the poor standards of the state system. Even the government tells people to go for private health care – State hospitals are in a state.

    When Medical Aid is out of Reach – Find out What is Health Insurance

    A medical aid plan today costs a lot and most people are unable to afford it. However, there are many plans to choose from but costs and benefits vary. This means you need to do some research.

    Bear in mind that a plan with a low monthly premium does not mean it’s the cheapest. Their lack of benefits and services may well mean you end up paying more. Check out whether your plan covers things such as dental and eye care.

    Clientèle Health Event Life Plans (H.E.L.P)

    This plan provides you with cash and maternity benefits as well as airtime to ease the claims process. Some of their plans start from R265 a month.

    Oneplan short-term Insurance

    You can choose from a range of health care products developed and researched by their teams. The Core Health Plan starts at R310 a month and provides maternity, pathology, radiology, dentistry and repatriation cover.

    An affordable Medical Aid cover

    Health care plans are for-profit products and regulated under the short term insurance act. The products act as top-up insurance for medical aid members. As a standalone plan it operates independently from a medical scheme.

    Health insurance is by no means as comprehensive as medical aid. But they can provide cash strapped people with peace of mind. When you can no longer afford medical aid, health insurance becomes a worthwhile option.

    All info was correct at time of publishing