Get a Great Deal on a Hospital Plan and Get it Now.

    March 25, 2017

    People are seeking alternatives to standard medical aid plans because of the high cost of cover. More and more they are looking for great deals on Hospital Plans.

    And it’s no surprise – Hospital plans offer good value for money and a cheaper entry point.

    You only pay for cover when it matters – when you are in a hospital.

    Some great companies That give Great deals on Hospital Plans

    There is a broad range of plans from brand leaders to choose from.

    In this article, we will look at providers who offer both great value for money and affordable alternatives.

    Great deals on Hospital PlansDiscovery

    You have quite a lot of choice when it comes to great deals on Hospital Plans from Discovery. And you can choose a range of different options that can if you like, include day-to-day expenses as well.

    The Discovery Core Series offers excellent value and covers you for expenses in the hospital. There is also cover for chronic medicine.

    The Key Care Series are entry-level plans that offer unlimited cover within the Discovery network of hospitals and includes chronic medication. There is also cover for some day-to-day expenses and various tests. (Again, within the preferred provider network.)


    The Liberty range of schemes offers different levels of cover tailored to your individual needs. You can choose the entry level cover offered by Hospital Select in order to save money on premiums. Options are limited to hospitals within the network, though.

    You can choose the slightly more expensive Standard Hospital plan. This is purely a hospital plan, with no day-to-day medical expenses included. The premium plan – the Hospital Plus Plan – allows you to choose which hospitals you can go to.


    There are six different options to choose from here, so all budgets are catered for. Your basic plans allow for coverage of expenses in the hospital without additional cover.

    If you want more cover, you pay more. Access and Ingwe are the two options that score highly on the value for money scale.


    This is one of South Africa’s leading companies, and it focuses on affordable cover. In some cases, you could pay as much as thirty percent less for cover here. You can choose between the premier plan – Private – and the entry-level plan – Private Choice.

    Both plans provide cover in the hospital for selected conditions, allow for medical evacuation in an emergency and include some dentistry cover.

    The Private plan includes unlimited cover when in a hospital and also offers additional cover for an organ transplant, stroke and cancer, not offered by the Private Choice plan. Genesis is a top medical aid company that offers some of the best prices.


    If you want a range of different options, look no further. The Standard Benefit plan offers the best value for money. You are allowed unlimited cover for in-hospital expenses as long as you use a network hospital. The cover includes medicine, oncology, maternity and emergency transport. There is also a wellness program.


    Bonitas also offers a wide range of choice when it comes to hospital cover. BonCap and BonEssential are for those looking at hospital cover only. The premiums are reasonable. If you want more comprehensive cover, the Core Plus Benefit plan might be a better fit.


    The plans on offer here are not as diverse as what you get from other companies, but they still offer good value. Dimension Prime 1 provides good hospital cover and also rewards you for taking actions to prevent illness.

    The primary difference between the basic plan and more comprehensive plan is whether or not you wish to use a network of providers.


    MedXXI is probably the plan that we should look at here. The plan allows for cover in any hospital and is unlimited. Selfsure also includes normal day to day benefits.


    Bestmed allows you to choose between three different plans – Pulse, Pace and Beat.

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