Discovery and their Core series hospital plans.

    December 30, 2017

    Discovery Core Series hospital plans are among the best you can get today.

    Discovery is certainly one of the leading insurance firms in this country. Ranked one of the top three health insurance companies worldwide, they have maintained this distinction since 2008.

    Discovery Core series Hospital plans and What you Get

    • Value for money
    • Five healthcare options
    • Unlimited hospital cover
    • Full cover for medical emergencies
    • Cover from a world renowned health insurer

    The Discovery Core series Brings years of Experience to Your cover –

    A global study determined that Discovery scored high on:

    • Financial security
    • Contribution levels
    • Number of members
    • Innovation


    Discovery Core series – Value for Money

    Discovery Core series

    The Core Series plan, combined with extra cover for chronic issues, cover you for the cost of treatment. The plan offers cover against costs for the treatment of 27 chronic conditions, according to (PMB’s).

    There are two rules:

    • A MedXpress network chemist must dispense the medicine
    • The medicine must appear on their Chronic Disease List

    Discovery Core series – Cancer cover

     All Core Series members are insured for up to R200 000 annually for cancer treatment. Accounts in excess of that amount are subject to a 20% co-payment. However, conditions listed as (PMBs) are fully covered.

    Five Core Series options to Choose from –

     Delta Core from R1 535 a month

    This covers planned admission in a defined network hospital. However, if members use a non-network hospital they are liable for a payment of R7 100 towards hospital costs.

    Coastal Core from R1 496 a month

    Covers the cost of planned admission to a hospital in one of the four coastal areas. However, if members use a non-network hospital they must pay 30% of the account.

    Classic Core from R1 918 a month

     Some of the benefits include:

    • Full cover when using doctors in the network
    • For use of non-network doctors, Discovery pays up to 200% of the medical aid tariff rate
    • A one-off payment of R52 750 for end of life care
    • Cancer patients treated at home receive care cover

    Essential Core from R1 648 a month

    The Essential Core Series offers:

    • Open ended hospital stay
    • Overseas emergency travel
    • Evacuation from certain African countries
    • Preventive screening tests
    • Chronic medicine for certain illness

    Essential Delta Core from R1 317 

    Healthcare plans offer peace of mind because, in times of illness, members are covered for open ended private hospital care.

    They guarantee to pay in full all accounts received from doctors within its network. The cover includes hospital accounts, doctor, anaeasthetist and all other network approved issues.


    With the Core Series, you enjoy healthcare you can afford.

    All info was correct at time of publishing