Emergency Hospital Admissions

    March 6, 2017

    Be prepared for the worst case scenario. Here we will have a look at emergency hospital admissions.

    It could be a road accident or serious work-related injury.

    Unconscious or not, hospitals require that patients provide pre-admission authorization from medical schemes to proceed with treatment.

    Policyholders must ensure they have all necessary documentation at hand.

    Alternatively, they must make sure that family members are aware of this requirement so that they can take responsibility of pre-admission authorization.

    It must be done within two working days from the day the patient is admitted to a hospital.

    These actions will ensure that all treatment in a hospital has funds.

    Failure to comply

     Emergency Hospital Admissions

    No benefits whatsoever will apply in the event of failure to comply with pre-admission regulations.

    Penalties may also apply for failure to use within two working days of a patient being admitted to hospital.

    Inability to provide pre-authorisation will also result in the patient as a private patient. In other words, the patient will be solely responsible for settling all medical bills.


    Should a medical scheme deny requests for an increase in the number of days a patient spends in a hospital, or for the level of care required in the hospital, the patient will also be regarded as a private patient.

    It is for these reasons that it is imperative that applicants for hospital plan fully understand all clauses applicable to various medical care needs.

    Points to remember for Emergency Hospital Admissions

    •   If involved in an accident, the first thing paramedics will do after stabilising the victim is to look for some form of medical aid identification – a car sticker or medical aid card among personal possessions.
    • In emergency situations, hospitals should have as much information as possible about the patient.
    • Allergies, blood types, living wills and pacemakers can be specified on Medic Alert bracelets or other electronic devices.
    • It is important to always carry ID, driver’s licenses and medical aid cards.


    Emergency Hospital Admissions Numbers

    • National Medical Emergency – 10177
    • Netcare 911 Ambulance – 082911
    • ER24 Ambulance – 084124


    Selfmed’s MedXXI Hospital Plan

    Apart from the cost of hospital procedures, Selfmed’s hospital plans cover some additional emergency-related costs.

    It includes blood transfusions, the cost of ambulance transportation, scans and additional medical procedures.

    However, as with most medical schemes, benefits are all subject to pre-authorisation.

    So in times of emergency, policyholders have access to a professional call centre where trained consultants will give advice and attend to pre-authorisation requests speedily.

    The company also contracts to ER24 ambulance service provider and will cover 100% of costs for all emergency transfers to and from a hospital.

    Discovery 911

    Discovery 911 offers Real-time 24/7 emergency care – call 0860 999 911

    So trained consultants will assess the situation and send emergency transport to the scene, be it an ambulance or helicopter

    When not admitted after visiting hospital emergency rooms or casualty wards costs have cover according to the stipulations of the health plan

    Discovery 911 vehicle stickers are also available for roadside emergencies

    Take Note

    So according to the South African Constitution, National Health Bill and the Patient Rights Charter, all medical care providers must treat the injured at accident sites.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing