How to Get a Hospital Plan

    April 17, 2017

    Hospital plans cost considerably less than a comprehensive medical aid plan. Many South Africans are finding it necessary to downscale from their very expensive medical aid plans and to invest in a much more affordable hospital plan. Here we will look at how to get a Hospital plan.

    The best piece of advice you can take, however, is to get your hospital plans from a medical scheme and not to take out hospital insurance. These medical scheme hospital plans are regulated by the Medical Schemes Act which is a good thing because it means they have to comply with strict regulations, while hospital insurance doesn’t.

    Some important aspects of hospital plans – How to get a Hospital PlanHow to get a Hospital Plan

    • These hospital plans have to cover you for 26 prescribed chronic conditions
    • Hospital plans don’t cover everything – visits to your doctor, for instance, you must pay for.
    • Also, hospital plans pay for hospitalisation in private hospitals-, network or state hospitals – always make sure you understand what your hospital plan covers.
    • Hospital plans are affordable but always check with your hospital plan administrators. Because there are ways that you can reduce hospital costs still further.
    • If you don’t like the idea of making co-payments on your hospital bill. You can still take out gap cover which is most times less than R200 a month.



    How to get a Hospital Plan?

    Hospital plans provide basic medical cover which can differ from scheme to scheme. While they all differ somewhat, a hospital plan from medical aid includes cover for all in-hospital procedures and check-ups.

    • First, compare the medical aid schemes. Make use of reputable sites such as Hippo and Independent Medical Aid Specialists (IHS) to do your comparing.
    • If you know what medical scheme you’re interested in – Selfmed, Fedhealth, Discovery, Bonitas – or one of the many others. You can go to their website and request a quote for the hospital plan that appeals to you
    • If you use IHS for instance, you can request more detailed information on their hospital plans.


    – click on the name of the relevant hospital plan

    – you can even download the appropriate hospital plan application form and fax it back to them at the number they provide

    At IHS you can review and compare hospital plans and the medical schemes they come from.

    Affordable Hospital Plans just a Quote Form Away – How to get a Hospital Plan

    Once you’ve found an affordable hospital plan that you feel confident will meet your health care requirements, you can request quotes directly from the site or go to the medical scheme’s site towards getting your ideal hospital plan.


    Complete the form on this page to get a FREE hospital plan quote.

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