Still trying to decide on a healthcare plan? Help is at hand.

    January 5, 2018

    Every decision one makes has its’ pros and cons. Therefore, research health insurance positives and negatives before you buy.

    Health insurance Positives and Negatives –

    • Health insurance doesn’t cover your hospital bills – it pays cash per day. Two days in ICU can cost more than R50 000 and health insurance at R5 000 a day, is going to fall far short.
    • A medical scheme covers you for 270 PMBs, health insurance doesn’t do this, more costs for you.
    • Medical insurance is cheaper, but comes with limited cover compared to medical aid.
    • Health insurance pays out to you. You have to ensure that you pay the doctors. Your medical aid pays the service provider for you.

    Health insurance Positives and Negatives – NHI still a Far way Off

    If you don’t want to rely on the public health service, then health insurance is an option. The National Health Insurance plan, giving healthcare to everyone no matter what you earn, is in the distant future.

    Health insurance Positives and Negatives 

    Health insurance Positives and Negatives 

    There are a lot of great products on the market which provide healthcare you can afford. But before you decide to dump your medical aid, think carefully whether having health insurance is enough.

    Health insurance can’t equal the benefits you get from a full medical aid scheme. If you do go the health insurance route, make sure that you choose the most comprehensive plan.

    There are Different types of Health insurance 

    Health insurance differs one from the other. The more recent plans have a hospital benefit where a sum of money is paid to the hospital when you’re admitted.

    This sum may well ensure that you are accepted at a private hospital. But a medical plan won’t pay for all the costs you incur in hospital. For example – surgery and other procedures wont be paid if the costs are more than the amount paid at the time of admission.

    Health insurance –  an Enhancement to Medical Aid

    Medical aid plans have a hospital benefit that extends beyond hospital cover. These plans pay for a private hospital stay as well as medicine and surgery. Health, or medical insurance, on the other hand only pays a sum of money at the time of admission.

    As the patient you have to pay for costs over this amount. However, this can leave you open to massive bills. It’s why health insurance is a useful add on to medical aid.

    It is vital to sum up health insurance positives and negatives, the good and the bad of medical insurance before you choose this over medical aid. Both have their advantages and the one you choose must meet your financial and health needs.

    Don’t be Without some Form of Cover

    Health insurance or medical aid? If you can afford it, go for comprehensive medical aid. If you can’t, don’t go without some form of medical cover.

    Health insurance is a great add on to medical aid. It comes to the rescue of many who want to look out for their health according to their means.

    All info was correct at time of publishing