A short list of health care plans that are tops.

    December 30, 2017

    Looking for the top Health Insurance firms in the country? Here’s a short list of what they should offer –

    • Cover you can afford
    • Simple terms and rules – not lots of small print
    • Products and services that suit your lifestyle
    • Insurance that doesn’t cancel your cover once you hit a certain age
    • Quick access to funds in your hour of need

    Find the Right top Health Insurance –

    When looking at health care plans, make sure it covers all your family’s health needs. What some of the top health firms offer and their benefits –

    Top Health Insurance

    Top Health Insurance – GetSavvi Health

    • Complete cover for your family
    • Main plans to choose from are Primary Care, Primary Care Plus and Get Care
    • Hospital Plan benefits from the Emergency Casualty plan – R5 000 each year
    • Emergency Stabilisation – R15 000
    • Personal Accident – R100 000 for each insured person each year
    • Primary Care Plan benefits such as doctors’ visits, maternity, x-rays, medicine, blood tests and dental work
    • No joining fees
    • Cover includes doctors‘ visits, medical advice, funeral and hospital cover


    Top Health Insurance – Clientele Hospital Plans

    • Standard Plan R265 a month
    • Premium R335 a month
    • The Standard Plan pays R200,000 annual cover and R2 000 as a daily cash benefit for a stay of 72 hours or longer in hospital
    • The Premium Plan pays R1 million annual cover and pays R3 000 daily cash benefit for a stay of 72 hours or longer in hospital.


    Both plans provide maternity benefits and cover on both plans include Accidental Death, Accidental Disability and Dread Disease.

    Top Health Insurance – Affinity Health Plan

    Affinity Health isn’t a Medical Aid plan but Health Insurance. Their day to day services are made through a prepaid subscription to medical service networks. Hospital cover is through a stated benefit Hospital Plan.

    The hospital plan gives you a number of excellent benefits –

    • R499.00 a month covers your hospital bills
    • Optometry and dentistry cover
    • Daily cash benefit for hospital stays
    • Payouts for permanent disability as well as accidental death
    • Child cover with Affinity Junior Plan for R359 per month

    Top Health Insurance – Essential Med

    • Comprehensive cover
    • Day to day cover
    • Hospital cover for each day spent in hospital includes accident, illness, maternity, emergency, casualty, dread disease, disability, ICU as well as funeral benefits
    • Cover for the principal member from R10, 000 to R30, 000
    • Student plan

    Top Health Insurance – Healthcare

    • Day to day and hospital cover
    • Plans start from R444 per month for a hospital plan
    • You get a 24/7 personal health advisor, casualty, trauma assist and emergency evacuation
    • Admission to a private hospital for accident and illness related events
    • The hospital plan pays for up to 21 days per incident – cover is from first day in hospital and pays up to R10,000 per day. Maternity benefits are included
    • No medical tests required


    Belonging to a medical aid scheme today costs members a lot. No wonder health insurance providers are in demand. You can afford it and it’s effective.

    All info was correct at time of publishing