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    January 10, 2017

    CANCER” is still a dreaded word. Medical Schemes and Cancer Cover can make this word a lot less threatening.

    It can be a shattering diagnosis for many people. There have been vast improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. The survival rate had doubled over the last 40 years. It is still the disease that scares people the most.

    The cost of treatment for cancer is one of the main worries. There are also many add-on policies available through Medical Schemes and Cancer Cover which will help assist financially.

    Contact your sympathetic and friendly consultant at AFFORDABLE MEDICAL AIDS who can advise on the cost and type of policies that are available.

    medical schemes and cancer cover


    Medical Schemes and Cancer Cover

    Oncology Benefits, with a Medical Aid Scheme.

    • Regarding South African Law all Medical Aid Schemes even only Hospital Plans must provide a level of cancer coverage including oncologists/radiotherapy chemotherapy etc. Some Medical Aids also offer limited out of facility benefits for Only Hospital Plans.
    • Cancers that are treatable are considered PMB (Prescribed medical benefits) regarding the SA law and the Medical Scheme must cover expenses. This cover is governed, by a comprehensive treatment protocol and the Scheme can choose if the patient must be treated at a DSP. (Designated Service Provider)
    • Many Schemes offer in addition to treatment as per PMB guidelines add-on policies which allow freedom of choice of facilities doctors etc. at any private hospital.


    How much do cancer treatments cost?

    Dependent on:

    • Type of Cancer
    • Initial “stage” diagnosis
    • Surgery Required
    • And also the cost of Medicines


    It can easily amount to thousands of Rands. An excellent Medical Aid Cancer Cover will go a long way to meeting these costs. Oncology benefits determined by most schemes are usually in Rand Terms and vary from R 100 000 to R 400 000 depending on the type of comprehensive cover.

    Points to consider when deciding on a Cancer benefit with a Scheme.

    • What is the value of the Oncology benefit per person per year?
    • Does the scheme cover special treatments or biologics at all?
    • Is cover for specialists limited?
    • Does the scheme allow upgrades at any time during the year?
    • Also, the schemes treatment protocols.


    Cancer Policies for Younger People.

    Many younger people do not see the need for a special Cancer Benefit. They think because they are young the chances are that they will be free from cancer until they are older.

    • NO! The average age for diagnosis of Testicular cancer is 33 years old and often younger.
    • Waiting Periods: If a person is already diagnosed with cancer most medical aids will apply a one-year waiting period for pre-existing conditions.
    • Also, when a new member joins a medical aid, there is usually a three month general waiting period.


    Early Detection and Treatment is still of vital importance.

    Cancer management programmes.

    In conclusion, all Medical Aid Schemes have a Specialist Management Programme for Cancer. That monitor and provides support and treatment schedules for people living with cancer.


    CONTACT:  AFFORDABLE MEDICAL AIDS: Tel 031 267 5060 whose specialist consultant can advise and guide on the various Schemes Oncology Benefits.


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