Best Hospital Plan is from a Medical Aid

    When you look at hospital plans in South Africa, consider getting a plan from a registered medical scheme.

    That’s the best hospital plan available as medical schemes are obliged by law to cover a wide range of PMBs.

    Nobody wants to do business with a company who ducks and dives to get out of their responsibilities.

    The medical aid industry in South Africa has its fair share of woes, but in spite of this,  a hospital plan offered from a medical aid is a solid investment.

    Some of the medical aids where you will find affordable hospital plans:

    Hospital plans are the most basic type of medical aid cover. A good hospital plan covers hospital expenses and the surgeon. These hospital plans only cover you if you’re admitted,  not if you’re an outpatient.

    Best Hospital Plan in South Africa

    They are referred to as entry level medical aid plans. This is because it is so much more affordable than a comprehensive medical aid plan.

    At Least a Medical Aid’s Best Hospital Plan is Regulated

    There are different hospital plans. It is important to know the difference between  plans which are part of a medical aid and those sold by  insurance companies.

    One difference that people  is that a hospital plan from an insurance company won’t be  regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes. This mean that if you have any complaints, you won’t have any backup or support if you would want to dispute your claim.

    With Medical Aid Hospital Plans, You’re Accepted

    Health insurance companies are also profit-driven, while medical aid schemes are non-profit.  Another great benefit you get from having a hospital plan from a  medical aid is that with a medical aid hospital plan you get to enjoy a wide variety of benefits. Some of these plans include maternity benefits as well as benefits for basic dentistry.

    A health insurance company can turn away members and if you are accepted, premiums are calculated based on individual risk. They’re not obliged to accept everyone and pay for anything they don’t want to, whereas with a hospital plan from a medical aid you are always accepted if you are earning a salary.

    These hospital plans, of which there are individual and family plans, will pay out up to R5000 a day.

    Without a Medical Aid, a Hospital Plans is Your Best Bet

    Hospital plans cost less than medical insurance. If it is from a medical aid it is regulated by the Medical Schemes Act of 1998.

    This is good news because it means they have to adhere to strict regulations as laid out by the Council for Medical Schemes. Hospital plans from a medical aid also cover you for 26 prescribed chronic conditions. By law, medical schemes need to offer plans having prescribed minimum benefits.

    It also means your chronic medication will be paid for by the plan. Hospital plans do this so as to keep you out of hospital and the massive hospital bills that accompany a spell in high care.

    Best Hospital Plan – Essential in the Absence of a Medical Aid

    No doubt: if you can’t afford a medical aid then the best hospital plan is from a medical aid.

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