Bonitas BonSave Hospital Plan

    April 7, 2016

    Medical aids in South Africa have yielded a lot of discontent over the last few decades with people believing that they are parting with pots of money in return for just a cup full of benefits. They have reason for this discontent, because at the end of 2015, three of South Africa’s major medical aids announced their increases, and all of them were above the 4.7% consumer inflation rate. Bonitas BonSave is a possible solution to the problem.

    To solve the problem, many people start looking at hospital plans as a more affordable option. Bonitas Medical Aid offers a wide range of affordable health care plans making it easier for their members to get the health care they need.

    Who is Bonitas?

    Bonitas is a fully registered medical scheme and have no hidden costs with all the plans they offer. As a well branded medical aid scheme with a membership of some 250 000 principal members, Bonitas is all about good value for money, and the scheme also comes with a global Bonitas BonSaveCredit Rating of AA- which means they are 100% capable of settling all claims with the relevant documentation.

    People appreciate the BonSave option as it offers unlimited hospitalization cover in any hospital at 150% of the Bonitas rate. Young couples looking to start a family like the comprehensive maternity benefit. Some other aspects well worth considering with BonSave is that you get superb basic and advanced dental benefits. Savings are allocated for day-to-day benefits and can be used for co-payments that you get with some procedures. You also need to know that the BonSave plan has deductibles for certain procedures in hospital.

    Bonitas BonSave Cover is Extensive

    This flexible option which offers extensive hospital cover allows you to choose how you use your savings and how you can take control of your benefits too. With BonSave you get savings to use for things like GP and specialist consultations, paramedical services and optometry. If you use all your savings for the year, you still benefit from 6 consultations at no extra cost to you. The BonSave cover also offers medical protection while you are on holiday, but you need to know that in 2016 the savings account will have been reduced to 16%.

    In 2016, the main member will be paying a premium of R1 908, their adult partner will make a contribution of R1 478 and a child will require a contribution of R572. With BonSave, a fourth child and any subsequent children will benefit from cover free of charge. Just some of the many benefits you can enjoy with the BonSave plan –

    Chronic Benefits from Bonitas BonSave

    • You are covered for 27 Prescribed Minimum Benefits, subject to the use of in-formulary medicine.
    • There will be a co-payment if you make use of a non-DSP for your medication.

    Some In-Hospital Benefits from Bonitas BonSave

    • Specialist consultations – unlimited, at 150% of the Bonitas Rate.
    • Pathology and general radiology – unlimited, at 100% of the Bonitas Rate.
    • Take home medication – R325 per beneficiary for each admission.
    • Oncology – R295 400 per family, per year.
    • Medical apparatus and appliances.

    Some Out-of-Hospital benefits from Bonitas BonSave

    • Day-to-day medical expenses.
    • Dental is covered from risk and doesn’t have any impact on your savings – this is exclusive to BonSave.
    • HIV/Aids – R27 650 per beneficiary for each year if the person is registered on Aid for Aids programme.

    There are other out-of-hospital benefits so one needs to look at the Bonitas Product Brochure for 2016

    Supplementary Benefits

    These are additional benefits which provide cover in- or out of hospital and include –

    maternity care, infant paediatric benefit, childhood illness benefit, Preventative care, Women’s health, General health, Elderly health, Wellness screening benefit and Wellness extender

    Always do research before choosing a medical aid plan so that it meets your medical needs and affordability. Every member of Bonitas is sure to find a medical plan that covers them adequately and in accordance with what they can afford.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing