Genesis Hospital Plans for 2016

    May 15, 2016

    It pays to choose a good medical aid scheme in South Africa. This way you are assured of affordable prices and useful benefits. Genesis hospital plans for 2016  are tailored to their clients needs. Genesis are a leading medical aid in South Africa.

    Since 1995 they have been providing health care funding for illness or accidents. Genesis, a new generation scheme, has been rated as one of the most sought after schemes in South Africa. This is partly due to their ability to pay claims.

    Much Cheaper Genesis Hospital Plans for 2016

    Genesis hospital plans for 2016 are more popular than with other medical schemes. Their 2 hospital plans are Private Choice and the more expensive Private option. Genesis’ entry-level hospital plan, Private Choice, is very popular with South Africans. The reason for this is that it is notably cheaper than other similar plans from other medical schemes.

    Genesis Hospital Plans for 2016Their  Private Choice hospital plan option is perfect for those who need unlimited hospital cover on a low budget. The Private option provides unlimited hospital cover for hospitalisation at any state or private hospital in South Africa.
    With Private Choice you can choose to use a state- or private hospital with total amount being paid. At R950 per month, Private Choice is a good option for those battling to make ends meet, but who still want good medical protection

    Let’s look at the monthly contributions of the two hospital plans –

    Private Choice Adult  R950 –               Private Adult –         R1 420
    2 Adults                    R1 900                                                    R2 840
    2 Adults and 2 kids   R2 470                                                  R3 465

    Some of the In-Hopsital Cover you can expect for these 2 Hospital Plans –

    Treatment                                           Private Choice                                      Private
    ▪doctors & medical specialists    up to 100% of Medical Aid rate       up to 200% of Med Aid rate
    ▪psychiatric treatment                  up to 100% of Medical Aid rate       up to 200% of Med Aid rate

    For both hospital plans, beneficiaries each get 3 days each year in hospital as well as 18 days each year per beneficiary in a registered health establishment.

    ▪Pathology services – for both Private Choice and Private – cost up to 100% of Medical Aid Rate.
    ▪Physiotherapy – for both hospital plans – cost up to 100% of Medical Aid Rate.
    ▪X-rays – for both Private Choice and Private – 100% of the lower of Medical Aid Rate or cost.
    ▪MRI and CT scans – for both hospital plans – 100% of the lower of Medical Aid Rate or cost.

    With Private Choice the member has a co-payment of R2 750 for each scan. The members can also have up to 2 scans each per year, limited to R6 250 per scan with Private Choice.  With Private, scans related to neck and back conditions are covered up to 50% of the lower of cost or Medical Aid Rate. Limited to R6 000 per beneficiary each year.

    Statutory Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)  for Both Plans

    The MMI benefit for the treatment of serious illnesses such as stroke or cancer is designed to provide cover for expenses in- and out of hospital. The MMI benefit on the Private option for instance has an overall limit of R550 000 for each beneficiary each year.

    The in-hospital MMI benefit is limited to R50 000 per beneficiary each year on the Private Choice option. Out of hospital MMI benefits are further limited to statutory Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). This means that if there is a 3 month waiting period and the member has access to PMBs, benefits will only be available from a public hospital.

    Value-for-Money Hospital Plans

    In 2016, when you do research on hospital plans, Genesis hospital plans for 2016 come up as the best value for money. As a successful open healthcare services provider, affordability for their members is high on their agenda. Genesis Medical Scheme provides health care that is simple and affordable, without compromising on quality.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing