Discovery Health Quotes for Various Options

    May 20, 2016

    If you need to get medical quotes for the best medical aids you have a number of options. Most people like to do an Internet search where they can compare medical aids side by side. Most of the leading medical aids in South Africa have an online quote system. Do get Discovery Health quotes because Discovery is South Africa’s biggest open medical scheme.

    You can choose different plans from Discovery making use of their drop-menus to compare which cover suits you best. In just 60 seconds you can get Discovery Health quotes for various options.

    It is a wise choice to get quotes from a medical scheme registered with the Council for Medical Schemes. Discovery Health is. This means they abide by certain regulations. This gives people confidence that they are dealing with a legitimate medical scheme.

    Discovery Health Quotes across the Entire Spectrum of Plans

    Request quotes from Discovery’s affordable Key Care plans to their more costly Executive Plan. Every South African would love to have this plan as it offers extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day costs. Of course it is a wonderful option, this top of the range comprehensDiscovery Health Quotesive cover.

    Unfortunately for many South Africans, the quote for this Plan will be R4 953 per month. That’s out of reach for most South Africans.

    You might want to get a quote on the Saver Series. This is because you will benefit from –

    • Unlimited private hospital cover – complete cover in hospital for specialists on a payment arrangement. This means as much as 100% of the Discovery Health Rate on Coastal- and Essential plans and 200% on Classic plans.
    • Full cover for chronic medicinesavings account for day-to-day healthcare needs.
    • cover for medical emergencies when travelling.


    Discovery Health Quotes Includes the Famous KeyCare Plan

    The KeyCare Plan is a popular choice for South Africans who want a quote from Discovery with affordable plans.The KeyCare Series has three health plan options – Core, Plus and Access. There are differences in benefits and you can check out what the premiums are and the benefits of each one

    There is no medical savings account with the KeyCare Plan you still get access to comprehensive healthcare benefits, but at a lower cost. You get unlimited full cover in hospital cover in your KeyCare network of hospitals as well as up to 100% of the Discovery Health Rate for other healthcare professionals.

    You’ll also get unlimited cover for medically appropriate GP consultations, blood tests, medicines and xrays in the Keywork network on the KeyCare Access- and Plus plans. In 2016 –

    • KeyCare Core Plan – the main member will pay R1 281, a partner R1 281 and a child R289 each month.
    • KeyCare Plus will be R1 734 for the main member, partner R1 734 and child R464.
      KeyCare Access Plan – the main member will pay R1 695, the partner R1 695 and child R458.

    With a quote from the Key Care Series, members will see that submitting a claim has never been easier. You can even download the Discovery app on your phone and use the camera to take a picture of your claim with the QR code provided by your doctor. There are others ways to claim too.

    Do Get Discovery Health Quotes!

    Its worth getting quotes from Discovery. You can simply get a quote online by completing a form on their page. You will be able to compare quotes from their comprehensive medical plans as well as their hospital plans.

    It is always wise to get quotes from a registered medical scheme. In South Africa, comparing quotes from leading medical schemes is your first step to having peace of mind that when the time comes, you’ll have quality health care.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing