Fedhealth Hospital Plan

    August 3, 2018

    Fedhealth has long been a major player in South African healthcare. The Fedhealth hospital plan range offers affordable options for in-hospital cover for members who don’t require day-to-day medical cover. This is for relatively healthy people. A Fedhealth hospital plan is also a good option if you’re single and don’t require family cover.

    Fedhealth understands the expense of medical related costs. An they know that not everybody can cover the cost of treatments on their own. This is where the Fedhealth hospital plan comes in handy. Fedhealth have designed a range of plans to suite everybody from cheap hospital plans to hospital plans for pensioners.

    Fedhealth Medical Aid

    Fedhealth Hospital PlanThe scheme realises that while many South Africans may not afford full medical cover, they do need quality care in the event of an emergency. So they’ve designed a range of plans that concentrate on hospital cover. Giving you peace of mind in an emergency.

    Like hospital plans offered by other schemes such as Discovery medical aid, the plans do not cover day-to-day expenses or any further benefits such as optometry or dentistry. The idea is to rest assured that you will receive top medical attention in case of an emergency.

    While medical schemes like Discovery are pricey, the Fedhealth hospital plan aims to offer cover in instances where costly emergency treatment becomes a sudden necessity.

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    Fedhealth Medical Aid Scheme

    In an effort to provide affordable medical cover, the scheme offers a range of plans from a hospital plan for pensioners to the Fedhealth Blue Door plan. Other plans include:

    • The Maxima Entry Zone – this Fedhealth hospital plan provides private hospital cover from approved institutions. Benefits include trauma treatment in a casualty ward as well as treatments after having been in hospital. There is cover for chronic conditions.
    • The Maxima Core Plan – this is a basic Fedhealth hospital plan that provides for mishaps like broken bones. It doesn’t cover emergency medical transport but you will receive treatment in top private hospitals. There is cover for scans.
    • Maxima Basis plan – this plan provides for unlimited private hospitalisation in South Africa and includes trauma counselling and oral contraceptives as well as scans both in and out of hospital.

    Fedhealth Hospital Plan Options

    • Maxima Standard hospital plan – this is a popular Fedhealth plan that offers unlimited hospital cover. Members can choose a hospital of their choice and dependents up to the age of twenty seven pay the same rate at children. Contraceptives and trauma treatment are covered in full making this a good plan for young families who can’t afford full cover.
    • Maxima Exec plan – a more costly option but with a host of additional benefits. The plan offers unlimited hospital cover in a hospital of the member’s choosing and 51 chronic conditions are covered. Day-to-day medical expenses are also covered.
    • Maxima Plus hospital plan – this plan does not have prescribed hospital lists and offers unlimited major medical benefits. The cover is costly but there is a generous day-to-day medical cover and a lot of unique benefits like trauma counselling and reduced dependent payments.

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