Health Insurance Companies in South Africa

    November 1, 2017

    Why do we need health insurance companies in South Africa?

    • Medical costs are extremely expensive
    • Not everyone can afford a comprehensive medical aid
    • Private hospital care is difficult for most people to pay for
    • A comprehensive medical aid may be unnecessary when you hardly ever get sick
    • Accidents or injuries happen all the tim


    Why You Need Health Insurance

    An accident or illness can strike us at any time – you never know when you are going to need hospitalization or specialist medical services. In the event that happens, you want to have the very best in care that you can get.

    The problem is that medical care can be expensive. Unless you have some kind of health insurance, it Health Insurancemay even be out of reach for you.

    In this post, we will look at the top health insurance companies in South Africa.

    Clientele Hospital Plan

    Starting at R110 per month for hospital cover of R200 000, dread disease cover, accidental death or disability cover, this is an affordable option when you need to go to the hospital.


    Medihelp is one of the largest medical aids in the country. They have products to suit different price points and so are affordable.

    Depending on which option you choose, you will be able to access a range of private hospitals, choose your own GP, and various other medical practitioners. You have access to ER24’s emergency ambulance services and there are no limits on the hospitalization policy.


    Selfmed is an established company that offers no-frills cover do you don’t pay for benefits you won’t use. Here are some of the benefits:

    • Selfmed will pay for hospitalization at any private hospital or clinic in South Africa. There are no limits to this cover.
    • Emergency ambulance services are included
    • Benefits for pregnancy and birth
    • Medicine issued on discharge from the hospital is paid for
    • You can make use of rehab and home nursing, for an unlimited time



    Known as one of the most trusted brands in South Africa, Momentum offers very competitive health insurance.

    Your policy will entitle you to four visits to your general practitioner free of charge per annum and also R5400 in cash back a year as well.

    You have the opportunity to save as much as 35% on your premiums and can take part in their rewards program. This entitles you to receive discounts from their partners like Dischem, Virgin, Garmin and Canon.


    The goal of Medshield is to offer a range of affordable products in the healthcare industry. Another well-established company, this company offers additional extras such as a twenty-four-hour hotline for medical questions.

    These are South Africa’s top health insurance providers and they offer a wide range of options, from affordable hospital plans through to fully comprehensive medical aids.

    Considering the extremely high cost of paying for medical care in this country, it makes sense to get a little helping hand every once in a while. With a healthcare product, you can do this in a completely affordable and sustainable manner.

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