How to Save on Your Medical Aid

    November 2, 2017

    How to save on your medical aid premiums?

    • Shop around for a better deal on premiums
    • Plan your personal affairs ahead
    • See where you get the best deal in terms of benefits
    • Pay cash where possible to get a cash discount
    • Stick to the preferred provider network if it applies here


    With fewer than 20% of the South African people being able to afford to pay for a medical aid, saving money on premiums is something worth looking into. Medical aid is essential to have, but it is definitely a grudge purchase.

    For those few that do have it, it takes a chunk out of their salaries. Most people take it out because they either are forced to by their employers or because they have to because of a medical condition that they have.

    How to Save on Your Medical AidWith the premiums rising more than inflationary cost dictate, South Africans are looking to cut back. Unsure of how to save on your medical aid? Here is how you can get the best possible deal.

    Have You Compared Costs?

    We get into the habit of paying our insurance premiums, and, let’s be honest, we generally don’t worry about looking around for a better deal.

    But this is one area where you could be losing out if you are not alert. How much does similar cover cost when it comes to alternative suppliers?

    It was once a schlep to have to phone around and get quotes but now this is made simple through the use of comparison websites. You really have no excuses for not checking when all you have to do is to input your details once on a site to get a quote.

    What Are Your Medical Costs Likely to Be in Future?

    Are you planning to get married, or start a family, for example? What are your typical medical expenses like and how much cover might you need?

    Planning ahead can save you money because it means that you get the right level of cover to suit you.

    How Many People are on Your Plan?

    Are your kids still listed as dependents when they could quite easily get their own medical plans? Dropping them off your plan, even if you are paying for the new one, could be advantageous because of the age and health.

    What Prices Do Your Doctor and Pharmacy Charge?

    It pays to do a bit of shopping around when it comes to your doctor’s fees and what your pharmacy charges. This helps to eke out your medical savings account and it could last longer.

    It also pays to ask about generic alternatives to what your doctor has prescribed. These are usually as good as the originals but cost a lot less.

    Does Your Medical Aid Have Preferred Providers?

    Even if you have a plan that does not require you to stick with the preferred provider network, it might pay to choose providers within that network.

    They will often negotiate better rates because they are within the network.

    How to Save on Your Medical Aid – Can You Pay Cash?

    This might be difficult in some cases but could pay in terms of overall cost reductions. Ask the supplier if they offer a cash discount. Many do so because then they do not have to wait for the medical aid to pay.

    You then submit the claim and proof of payment to your insurer and they reimburse you.

    These tips are all useful when it comes to reducing your medical aid contributions. Don’t wait another day and see how much you can save by submitting the form on this page for a free quote.

    All info was correct at time of publishing