What is Clientele Health cover?

    January 11, 2018

    Clientele Health cover is certainly not new to the insurance world in this country.

    However, the first thing you need to know is that Clientele Health is not a medical aid.

    Clientele Health cover and What you Get –

    • Clientele health cover provides a cash benefit for any length of stay in a hospital
    • Have your ID number, income and bank details to hand when you apply
    • Clientele will email your policy documents to you
    • According to your health insurance needs,  Clientele pays for all your medical treatment, surgery and chemist bills.
    • A medical aid plan pays for certain procedures, Clientèle H.E.L.P pays out cash per stay in a hospital

    Clientele Health cover and H.E.L.P –

    Clientele Health cover H.E.L.P. Plans pay cash benefits to assist you with the burden of sudden costs when in hospital for stays longer than 72 hours. The plans are from R265 per month. You get annual cover of up to R200 000. which includes dread disease, accidental death or disability.

    Clientele Health cover – a Trusted name in Insurance

    South Africans are familiar with the name, their adverts, products and services. Clients know that if they can’t afford a medical aid any longer, Clientele offers other cover options.

    You get More than you Thought you Would

    Clientele are not just a health insurance provider. They offer much more to their clients. Their cover goes further because they include a mix of insurance with other useful plans such as accidental death, funeral cover and more. They do this so you’re insured every step of the way..

    Claims aren’t paid out according to certain codes or what the specialist charges. Clientele covers clients according to their heath needs.

    Plans that Are a Supplement to Medical Aid

    There are 3 health insurance plans – Accident, Hospital Cash Back and Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan – each comes with its own benefits.

    Many of Clientele clients have medical aid. But the amounts the medical aid doesn’t pay can leave members in deep debt. To solve the problem of unpaid medical bills, they invest in extra cover.

    A simple Approach to Health care

    If you have any questions speak to the Clientele experts. They keep in touch with insurance trends in order to provide up to the minute options for you. In this way you get simple, affordable, effective cover.

    Clientele provides a simple approach to health cover. They are an authorised financial services provider and a respected name in insurance. Plus they are there for you!

    All info was correct at time of publishing