Why You Need a Medical Aid

    May 5, 2014

    In his book ‘Black October’ Cape Town historian Professor Howard Phillips describes the Spanish Flu which hit South Africa in 1918. He says it is ‘the single most devastating episode in South Africa’s demographic history, with almost half a million people thought to have died from the epidemic. There was no such thing as a medical aid then….

    From West Africa a more virulent virus is threatening: Ebola.

    When a pandemic starts, every day will count. It is critical to have some kind of medical aid in South Africa. The main advantage of belonging to a medical scheme like Liberty Medical Aid or Momentum Health is that you have the security of knowing your medical needs will be taken care of.

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    Hospital plans from medical aid schemes

    Many South Africans can’t afford full-blown medical scheme membership and hospital plans are what they can better pay for. They settle for a hospital plan with a gap cover which makes provision for adequate cover.Medical Aid

    Sizwe Medical Aid provides gap cover products are designed to compliment your existing medical plan. They are cost effective and will help with eliminating in-hospital shortfalls.
    ●  A popular hospital plan with Fedhealth Medical Aid is their Maxima Basis which offers unlimited private hospital cover at 200%. This medical aid also offers up to 30 days post hospital cover to those who have the EntryZone and Core hospital plans. who don’t require much day-to-day cover but want an excellent hospital cover.
    Genesis Medical Aid started in 1995 and one of their very affordable hospital plans is Private Choice; ideal for people wanting unlimited hospital cover on a low budget. Basic dentistry covers, chronic diseases as well as limited cover for major medical in-hospital procedures and illnesses is included.
    Momentum Medical Aid has their Ingwe Option Hospital Plan for lower income earners and which provides affordable access to entry level cover at providers prescribed by the plan which includes hospitalization, limited to R950 000 per family as well as chronic cover for certain illnesses.
    ● People looking for a good hospital plan appreciate Essential Med because they don’t insist on a medial exam for people interested n joining them. You can also expect to get paid in the region of R6,500 a day while in hospital and enjoy a range of medical benefits such as emergency and casualty visits, accident hospitalisation, dread disease hospitalisation and HIV/Aids benefits.
    ● Day to day benefits aren’t part of hospital plans and, but more recently some hospital plans are offering limited day to day benefits and Discovery Medical Aid, with their KeyCare Core from Discovery is an example of this because they offer specialist benefits each year so long as the specialist has been recommended by the GP.
    ● The Oxygen Medical Aid scheme merged with Medshield Medical Aid and today is the 4th largest medical aid in South Africa. One of their hospital plans is their Essential Plan which offers basic, limited in-hospital cover and is for those who can’t afford comprehensive cover.
    ● The BonEssential Plan from Bonitas Medical Aid appeals to those looking for an affordable and uncomplicated plan. Some of their value added benefits include cover for chronic medication as well as Prescribed Minimum Benefit conditions which are treated out of hospital.The principal member will currently pay R1 085 for this hospital plan.

    A Hospital Plan to Serve You Well

    The medical schemes of South Africa are not profit making, and all of them; from Bonitas Medical Aid to Fedhealth, GEMS medical aid and Discovery Health among others offer full membership as well as their more affordable hospital plans. In South Africa paying your way to avoid a stay in a state hospital is worth it because a stay in a state hospital will have you looking at funeral cover.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing