Is Essential Med a Medical Scheme?

    January 11, 2018

    Many people ask “Essential Med what is it”? Is it a Medical Scheme? A Hospital plan? Gap cover?

    One thing is for sure though, it’s essential to your well-being!

    Essential Med What is it and What Do they Offer

    Essential Med is health insurance, but their Essential Med Gap Cover can support your medical aid plan. It’s not governed by the Council for Medical Schemes but by the Short term Insurance Act.

    The Essential Med Hospital plan pays out cash for every day you spend in hospital, as much as R6500 per day. Don’t forget, Health insurance plans are half as cheap as a medical aid plan. Essential Med offer health cover you can afford.

    Because of the high monthly fees, many medical aid members are thinking of quitting in 2018. Many of them see Essential Med as the answer. Mainly because they can afford the cover and get access to quality medical care.

    Essential Med what is itEssential Med what is it and How can It help Me –

    With Essential Med clients have full control over what health care they choose. They allow their clients to pick the benefits they need in order for them not to pay for something they don’t want.

    Some of the Benefits you can Expect from Essential Med –

    • Insurance rates starting at below R350 a month
    • Day-to-day benefits for pre-paid preventative healthcare services
    • Emergency and casualty visits
    • Death benefits
    • Maternity hospital stay
    • Accident cover up to R400 000 per incident
    • HIV / Aids benefits


    Health insurance can never offer the same benefits as medical aid but it can assist where your plan falls down. People who are no longer willing to pay high medical aid fees, look to Essential Med. Here they get cheaper, quality private health care.

    Some Essential Med plans You can Check out –

    Basic Essential Med, Balance, Boost, 55 Plus Plan and Essential Med Student Plan for only R206 a month. For single parents, you get medical cover from R445 per month. This offers basic day-to-day benefits and hospital cover for both the single parent and the child.

    Essential Med – a Superb add on To your Medical Aid plan

    No matter how good the cover is from Essential Med, keep in mind that it won’t offer the same amount of cover that a medical aid does.

    However, for cash strapped people who need some form of health plan, it’s a sensible choice. Essential Med essentially helps your medical aid scheme. It takes care of the shortfalls in payouts from medical aid plans that you would have to pay. And which would otherwise leave you in debt.

    All info was correct at time of publishing