Different Hospital Plan Options

    There are just so many different hospital plan options available on the market that doing market research can become mind boggling.

    It is just a sample of a handful of products – at affordable prices – that could meet the family budget.

    One of the cheapest on record is:





    Hospital Plus Plan and offers:

    • Different Hospital Plan OptionsPremiums from R99 per month
    • Hospital Cover of up to R200 00 per year
    • Lump sum payouts of up to R20 000 Lump Sum per stay (after two days)
    • Daily cash amounts of up to R2 000 per day for hospital stays longer than ten days
    • Accidental Death up to R200 000
    • Accidental Disability up to R200 000
    • Dread Disease up to R200 000



    TING is a one-stop insurance portal connecting to South Africa’s most reputable insurance companies.

    Simply chose the policy that suits you best.

    It’s best-offered hospital plan costs:

    • R110 a month
    • Up to a R20 000 cash payout if hospitalised for more than two days
    • Up to R2 000 per day for hospital stays longer than ten days
    • R200 000 cover for accidental death, disability or dread disease


    Compare These Offers – Different Hospital Plan Options

    Day to Day Benefits – R240pm

    Senior Plan – R295pm

    Hospital Plan from R352 a month

    Comprehensive Cover – R592pm


    Affinity’s Day to Day Cover, from R417 monthly, offers:

    • Unlimited doctor visits
    • Medication
    • Basic Dentistry
    • Optometry
    • Blood Tests
    • X-Rays
    • Access to nationwide network of medical professionals


    Hospital Plan cover from R549 monthly offers:

    • Daily cash benefit when hospitalised
    • Hospital cover, including maternity and treatment for accidents
    • Emergency medical services
    • Guaranteed hospital admission
    • Lump sum payouts for permanent disability and accidental death



    MedShield offers a range of seven products at affordable prices.

    These cater for a different lifestyle and budget requirements.

    Prices start from about R550 a month.


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