How to Apply by Cell Phone for a Hospital Plan

    August 28, 2017

    Here we will show you how to apply by cell phone for a hospital plan:

    1. Make sure you have an Internet connection
    2. Go to the website of the medical scheme you’re interested in
    3. You can choose to phone a Genesis Medical Scheme consultant request a quote online
    4. Make sure you’re on a contract or have airtime to ensure a consultant can call you back
    5. Compare quotes and choose a hospital plan that suits your budget


    South Africans are down-scaling wherever they can. White bread has made way for brown bread, large homes are being sold in exchange for complex living and 4 restaurants meals a month have become just 1. Comprehensive medical aid plans are being traded for the simplest, cheapest plans there are – hospital plans.

    Medical scheme membership has become so expensive that consumers are now looking at hospital plans. They are pleasantly surprised at what these plans cover. They like their affordability.

    Medical Aid Hospital Plans Different from Cash Back Plans – Apply by Cell Phone

    Apply by Cell PhoneA hospital plan is offered by a registered medical scheme. A typical example of this is Genesis Medical Scheme. Don’t go thinking that this is similar to hospital insurance or hospital cash-back plans. A hospital plan from a medical scheme such as Genesis is regulated by the Medical Schemes Act. The plan will include 270 Prescribed Minimum Benefits as well as the treatment of 26 chronic conditions when treated in hospital.


    Apply by Cell Phone – a Necessity for Getting Business Done

    The best thing about getting a hospital plan from Genesis Medical Scheme is that it can be done from your cell phone.

    Cell phones aren’t a luxury – they’re a necessity, especially as businesses have become increasingly connected in the 21st century. Cell phones have the capability of performing all the tasks your computer can do – accessing the Internet, applying for insurance, sending and receiving emails and more.

    Whenever you decide you want to get sorted with a hospital plan, you can do it right there and then. Many South Africans are looking for good hospital plans and the plans from Genesis will cover you in the hospital for planned and emergency hospital admissions.

    Applying for a Hospital Plan so Easy – Apply by Cell Phone

    Genesis will tell you that applying for hospital plans online is as easy as 1-2-3. The beauty about downloading the medical scheme app is that you can manage all your medical aid information from the palm of your hand. When you decide to join Genesis Medical Scheme, you can SMS the scheme with the word ‘gmed’ to 31022 and they will be in touch with you.

    A hospital plan is a good place to start with basic, but essential cover. You can apply on your cell by following these simple steps –

    1. Apply online on the Genesis Medical Scheme website.

    2. Fill in the short ‘call me back’ form.

    2. On the website, you’ll see you can also phone Genesis as a new member on 086l 56 46 66.


    The use of mobile devices by both health care professionals and individuals has certainly changed the way health care is performed today. The need for convenience has seen a  rapid growth in the development of medical apps for these cell phones.

    Being able to apply for a hospital plan with your cell phone has lifted the barriers that exist for those who want to apply but transport problems and not having access to a desktop computer have hindered them.

    Productivity is what keeps the business alive. And every medical scheme knows that they have offered their customers the convenience to remain competitive.

    Without cell phone con­nectivity, a person looking for products and services will give up and move to the next one who provides this service. So being able to apply for a hospital plan via a cell phone allows a medical scheme to maintain continuous interest from customers.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing