Best South African Hospital Plans

    May 15, 2016

    The best South African hospital plans is that they pay for your bills while you’re in hospital, no questions asked. Medical aid is financial protection against the exorbitant costs of medical care. A hospital plan pays out when you are confined in a hospital. A hospital plan won’t pay you for medical services. The cash payout you receive from a hospital plan can be used to pay for personal expenses. Most people use the cash to pay for medical bills.

    The best hospital plans in South Africa cost far less than a full medical aid. A Hospital Plan is not the same as Hospital Insurance. A basic- or standard hospital plan for one person will cost you roughly R600 to R1 300 per month. On the other hand, full medical cover can cost anything from R2 500, and much more. This is the attraction – the affordability.

    Best South African Hospital Plans are Also Regulated

    Best South African Hospital PlansThe best South African hospital plans are also regulated by the Medical Schemes Act of 1998. This means they also have to comply with strict regulations stipulated by the Council for Medical Schemes.

    The best hospital plans cover you for 26 prescribed chronic conditions. They are perfect for people who are healthy. The best ones are those offered by the Medical Aid Schemes. This is because they pay out high commissions. They are obligated to pay the minimum requirements laid down under the Medical Schemes Act.

    Some Top South African Hospital Plans

    • Fedhealth – they offer their Maxima Series hospital plan. Their hospital plans are Maxima EntryZone which starts at roughly R880, the Maxima Core which starts at R1 258 and their Maxima Basis plans.
    • Discovery Health – their KeyCare Core, Plus and Access plans are the most affordable. They offer private hospital cover. They also offer full cover for medicine. Their Coastal Saver gives out-of-hospital benefits through a savings account. This is a wise choice for anyone who wants a hospital plan with a savings account for costs out of hospital. More expensive Discovery hospital plans are their Executive plan. It is completely comprehensive.
    • Resolution Health – they offer 5 medical cover options of which one is a pure Hospital plan. The plan covers all the services offered in hospital. Their Hospital plan offers a limited Trauma counselling benefit as well as an emergency casualty benefit. You also have cover for cancer and AIDS for instance while travelling abroad. The Plan offers unlimited hospital benefits and covers claims at 100% of the Resolution scheme rate.
    • Bonitas – their hospital plan is BonEssential. The main member pays R1 316 each month. The Plan offers quality hospital cover. It also offers unlimited cover for 27 chronic conditions. There is also the added benefit of maternity-, wellness and preventative care.
    • Momentum Health – one of the older medical schemes in South Africa. Their Access choice offers a personal hospital plan at the Access Network of medical facilities. There is no overall annual limit for hospitalisation in state or private hospitals. Members must consult Access Primary Care Network providers. The Custom Option provides cover for hospitalisation in private hospitals. Members can choose to have access to any hospital, or receive a discount by selecting to useĀ  Associated hospitals.

    Hospital Plans – a Worthwhile 2nd Best

    Your choice of hospital plan will depend on your needs. A comprehensive medical aid offers hospital cover as well as day-to-day benefits. Every South African would like this, but few can afford it. Joining on of the best South African hospital plans is a sound investment option as regards to costs for anyone battling to stretch their Rands further.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing