Clientele Accidental Hospital Plan

    May 14, 2016

    The biggest benefit provided by hospital plans such as the Clientele Accidental Hospital Plan is the protection they offer. This protection is against the financial ramifications of being hospitalised.

    Hospitalisation might be because of an accident or some other unpredictable circumstance.

    Plans such as the Clientele Accidental Hospital Plan offer full cover if you are admitted to a hospital which is part of their network.

    Clientele Accidental Hospital Plans are affordable. They say for just R6.16 per day you can get covered.

    To take advantage of Clientele’s Hospital Plans, you must be a South African citizen. Clientele offers plans from as little as R110 per month.

    Clientele Accidental Hospital Plan

    Clientele Life isn’t a medical scheme. Its an insurance company. It offers a policy that provides hospital cover. The cash one receives for being in hospital can be used for many things. Most people use the money to pay medical bills. For people who run their own business, this money can be used to compensate lost income.

    Clientele Accidental Hospital Plan Options

    • Clientele Accident plan – this covers those extra expenses incurred by accident patients. To benefit, the accident victim will have had to stay in hospital for more than 1 day. Additional benefits are that the victim is also covered in case of ICU admission. Should the beneficiary die, they will also have access to Accidental Death Benefits.
    • Premium Hospital Plan – a person is covered from day one. It pays from the 3rd day you are in hospital. Premiums are higher and in turn higher benefits are enjoyed. Premiums are in the region of R275 per month and pay is up to R5 000 per day. The Dread Disease benefit is part of this plan. Cash back after every 60 premiums is paid.
    • Accidental Hospital Plus Plan – from R150 per month. Hospitalisation because of an accident pays out up to R100 000 per year. There is a daily cash sum of up to R1000 per day for a stint in hospital which is more than 10 days. Up to R100 000 cover is provided for death resulting from an accident.
    • Accidental Hospital Plan – from R135 per month and up to 100 000 hospital cover each year for hospitalisation as a result of an accident. Beneficiaries can benefit from a daily cash sum of up to R1 000 for each day in hospital when the stay is more than 10 days. You’ll get up to R10 000 for hospitalisation for more than 2 days because of an accident.


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    Nobody can Predict when an Accident will Happen

    The Clientele Accidental hospital plan is offered by a well-established insurance company. Their plans are simply aimed at allowing South Africans access to quality medical care. An unexpected accident has the potential to bankrupt you.


    Getting a policy for emergency medical care is an important decision that requires instant action. The application process is easy and anyone who has a South African ID and is between the ages of 18 and 70 can apply. What people really appreciate too with these hospital plans from Clientele is that there is no medical examination in order to apply.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing