Sanlam Hospital Plan

    As far as cheap hospital plans go, the Sanlam hospital plan has a range of good benefits. The Cash back plan in particular will help you stick to your budget while taking your family’s wellbeing into consideration in the event of a medical emergency.

    The hospital plan offers flexibility, security and protection to help you cope when unexpected costs arrive from being hospitalised in the event of an accident or illness. Thehospital plans include the following:

    • Catastrophe benefit
    • Hospital cash benefit
    • Death benefit
    • Loss of income benefit
    • Cash back benefit
    • Lifestyle benefit
    • Inflation protector
    • Unemployment and pregnancy payment holiday
    • No more premiums benefit

    The Key Benefits of the Sanlam Hospital Plan

    1. The Hospital Cash Benefit from Sanlam Medical Scheme

    Going into hospital isn’t something we like to think about, but everyone runs the risk of being in an accident or suffering from a serious illness or even requiring an operation. The hospital cash benefit will help you pay for your day-to-day living expenses while you’re incapacitated. Sanlam Hospital PlanYou’ll receive a daily pay out that you can use to cover your usual bills for your family. If you’ve chosen your spouse on the plan both you and the spouse will be covered by the benefit, as well as your children if chosen.

    The daily amount will be paid if you, your spouse or children are in hospital and in case of an operation, an extra 50% of the daily amount is paid out. The same goes for if you’re admitted to ICU.

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    The benefit will cover you and your family for 3 days in a row of being hospitalised. If you or your spouse need to stay in hospital for more than 20 days, the Loss of Income Benefit kicks in and starts to pay out.

    Additional Benefits

    1. Additional Benefits from Sanlam medical aid

    The Sanlam hospital plan offers you further peace of mind during a challenging time in hospital by offering the following:

    • Death benefit – a death is costly for those left behind. This benefit will assist your loved one with enough cash to cover unexpected expenses.
    • The Cash back benefit – Sanlam Health rewards members with cash back every 5 years provided that you haven’t claimed during those 5 years. The amount paid out is equal to a year’s premiums.
    • An Inflation protector – while premiums have to increase annually to keep up with inflation, it’s important you are still fully protected against rising costs. The inflation protector offers options of 5% or 10%.
    • The No more premiums benefit – if you have chosen to cover your family, Sanlam will cover the premiums in the event of your death.

    Discovery Hospital Plan

    Discovery Medical aid’s hospital plan is different to the Sanlam hospital plan in that it doesn’t offer cash pay outs, but rather full cover during your hospital stay in the event of an illness or emergency. The same goes for

    You’ll have to decide whether you’d prefer the cash pay-out or full hospital cover when deciding on a hospital plan.

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