Bonitas Hospital Plan

    August 3, 2018

    Bonitas medical scheme is one of the largest medical aid providers in South Africa. The scheme offers a wide range of medical options for you to choose from when you are looking for a Bonitas hospital plan for the family.

    One that stands out and offers value for money is the Bonitas hospital plan range. It offers total in-hospital peace of mind. A Bonitas hospital plan is definitely one worth considering when shopping around for plans.

    Cheap Bonitas Hospital Plan

    Similar to the Fedhealth hospital plan and the Discovery hospital plan, the Bon Essential plan offers in-hospital cover in any private hospital in South Africa. Other benefits of this Bonitas hospital plan include:

    • An unlimited overall annual limit
    • Unlimited specialist, GP and pathology in-hospital benefits
    • Limited take home medication per hospital stay
    • Unlimited in-hospital paramedical services

    When looking around for hospital plans, you need to carefully consider your needs and budget. You are quite likely to find a Bonitas hospital plan is what you need This plan is pretty comprehensive as far as hospital cover goes and also covers:

    • Organ transplants
    • Oncology
    • Physical rehabilitation
    • Renal dialysis chronic
    • Maxillo-facial surgery
    • Mental health
    • Alternatives to being hospitalised

    All 26 chronic conditions, as stated in the prescribed minimum benefits Bonitas Hospital Plan(PMB) list are covered and included in Bonitas hospital plan prices. Similar to the Liberty hospital plan or the Medihelp hospital plan, the Bonitas hospital plan does not cover day-to-day expenses and simply covers in-hospital treatment and all that goes with hospitalisation.

    Hospital Plan Quotes

    When comparing medical aid quotes, take into consideration your future medical needs. The Bonitas hospital plan also covers:

    • Maternity benefits comprising 6 antenatal visits, 2 scans and 4 postnatal visits.
    • Emergency medical transportation
    • Immune deficiency benefit relating to HIV/AIDS. Members are requires to register for this benefit.
    • 1 HIV test and flu vaccination per member per year
    • Prosthesis for prescribed minimum benefits.
    • Infant paediatric benefits
    • Childhood illness benefit

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    Network options

    The Bonitas hospital plan offers a hospital network option called BonCap. It’s a cheaper option but you won’t get as much as the regular hospital plan. You get limited hospital cover along with additional day-to-day cover at a GP within the scheme’s network. It’s also a good option if you’re on a tight budget but do want peace of mind in an emergency.

    While standard hospital plans such as that offered by Discovery medical aid may cost more than network plans, they’re still an affordable option for many.

    Choosing between a non-network and network medical aid scheme doesn’t have to be difficult. Base your choice on factors like the distance between your closest network hospital and the hospital closest to your home.

    If you’re involved in an emergency, the time spent travelling to hospital may well be crucial to your survival and treatment. Additionally, consider any other medical needs you may have. There are network plans that offer limited day-to-day cover.

    Keep in mind that network options might cost less but the medical care you get is still going to be the same. It’s simply the place in which you receive the care that will be different.

    The two Bonitas hospital plans offer something for all needs and pockets so you’re sure to find a plan to suit you.

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