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    What’s more important than your health? or the health of your family? Deciding on the best and most affordable medical aid is by far one of the most important decisions to make. Essential Med is just one of many medical aids in South Africa to consider.

    These days more and more people are choosing hospital insurance plans along with day-to-day healthcare benefits as opposed to full comprehensive plans like those offered by Discovery Health and Fedhealth.

    Essential Med differ in that they’re not a traditional medical aid. This is an affordable health insurance product that offers quality cover and other healthcare services. The day-to-day benefits are prepaid preventative healthcare services.

    Products from Essential Med medical scheme include:

    • Dread disease hospitalisation
    • Illness hospitalisation
    • Accident or maternity hospitalisation
    • Emergency and casual visits in the event of an accident
    • Permanent disability and death benefits

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    When looking for the right plan from this scheme, decide whether or not you require day-to-day benefits. Some of the benefits included in the plans are:

    • Unlimited visits to the GP
    • Maternity check ups
    • Referred growth sonars
    • Unlimited acute and prescribed medication
    • Chronic medication cover upon approval
    • Eye tests
    • Referred x-rays and blood tests

    Value Added Services

    Many of the bigger medical schemes like Bestmed, Discovery Medical Aid and Liberty Medical Aid, offer value added services with their plans. Essential Med offers:

    • Emergency services including emergency medical transport and transfer between facilities
    • Comprehensive pre-hospital services
    • Care for stranded minors
    • Advisory services including auto assist; travel assist; health assist’ legal assist and funeral assist.

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    More Benefits from Essential Med

    Other benefits from this scheme include:

    • GP visits – members can visit their chosen GP within the network without having to make upfront cash payments.
    • Partial cover for out-of-network or after-hour consultations. If you’re not in your hometown and need to see a GP, some plans allow 3 out of area visits to a GP of your choosing.
    • Unlimited maternity check-ups and tests – maternity benefits include prenatal care and any required pathology tests.
    • Referred growth sonars – 2 sonars are covered: the first and second trimester during pregnancy.
    • Unlimited prescribed and acute medication – acute medication is linked to the network registered GP consultation and is covered in full. Over the counter benefits are not available. Medication should be obtained from a pharmacy within the scheme’s network.
    • Basic dentistry and optometry are covered with certain specifications applicable.
    • Unlimited referred blood tests and x-rays – an unlimited benefit when referred by a GP within the network and according to a list of pre-approved codes from the pathology and radiology formulary.

    Comparing Quotes

    You can compare quotes and medical plans from a range of medical aids in South Africa including:

    Take your lifestyle and budget into consideration when choosing the best medical aid plan for you and your family.

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